SimpleRelevance makes it incredibly easy for marketers to personalize web communications to their clients.

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Take the guesswork out of sending relevant emails to your customers. SimpleRelevance combines your customers’ unique geographic, social and demographic data with interests and past purchase behavior to automatically send emails with personalized product recommendations. Each email is timely, personalized with your company’s logo, and well designed. Set-up takes less than 10 minutes and emails are automated each week. The result? Higher conversions, sales, and ROI. Clients typically see revenue increases of 40% to 500%. Results are guaranteed or you don’t pay.


-Guaranteed to generate weekly incremental revenue (or it's free) -Set up takes less than 10 minutes, emails are automated each week -Uses purchase and demographic data to optimize the outgoing email -Get a weekly report about your customers and the sales generated -Data visualization tools to better understand your customers and products

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Send the perfect email- Automatically with SimpleRelevance Express
Example of a Perfect Email
Individual Predictions on the Dashboard
Segmented Predictions on the Dashboard


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