Simplero is a one-stop shop for marketing and selling information products online. Use MailChimp with Simplero.

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    November 2014

Simplero is a one-stop shop for marketing and selling information products online with built-in email marketing.

However, some customers still prefer to use MailChimp for their primary newsletter, and we get that.

This integration lets you do that.

Specifically it will let you automatically subscribe customers to your MailChimp lists when they purchase your products and they agree to opt-in.

You can also use it to maintain maililing lists for specific products, so that all the active participants for a given product will be added to a specific list in MailChimp - and removed if they stop paying or otherwise cancel.


We don't have a separate support URL - it's integrated right into Simplero itself. From any page, anywhere, click the question mark in the top-right corner, and you'll get personalized friendly support.

We have a 100% customer support approval rating!!

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Enter API key, choose your main list
Keep a list of everyone who's actively participating in a specific course/product
The box they need to tick to get subscribed to your MAIN list


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