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Incorporate MailChimp data into your business dashboard to massively improve your email marketing strategy.

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    Slemma, Inc.
  • Last Updated
    August 2016

Slemma helps small businesses to be data-driven without hiring a team of analysts.

Slemma’s MailChimp integration lets you see your key metrics joined with other business data on an automatically refreshed dashboard. Keep a close eye on how your email campaigns are performing to make informed decisions and improve your email marketing strategy.

With Slemma for MailChimp, you can:

  1. See detailed campaign reports showing open and click rates without logging into your MailChimp account.
  2. View historical data on your campaign's performance and lists growth.
  3. See how your campaigns influence your other marketing goals like conversions.
  4. Filter your mailing lists to find the unengaged subscribers to prevent them from getting irrelevant content.

The integration is easy to install and takes a minute to get up and running. You just need a MailChimp account and a Slemma account.

Starts from $29/month (3 teammates included)

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Slemma's easy to use chart builder
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