SMS Plugin for MailChimp

Allow people to join your MailChimp list by SMS! You can also send SMS to lists in your MailChimp account.

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    Text Marketer Ltd
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    May 2013
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Use the power of short code marketing to allow people to join your MailChimp list by SMS using our 88802 shortcode! You can also instantly send SMS to any lists in your MailChimp account. 100 sends are free, when you use the CHIMP promo code.

Text Marketer is a leading provider of SMS marketing in the UK, offering the lowest cost for direct operator connections.

We have built in to our account system the facility for MailChimp to receive SMS and update your subscriber lists using our 88802 short code (UK only). If the incoming message contains an email address we will automatically add this too, even better there is no cost for this facility.

You can also send SMS to your subscriber lists, and you will get 100 free credits to get you going.

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