SMS your MailChimp subscribers using Nexmo

The integration allow MailChimp users to send SMS campaigns to their subscribers in over 200 countries.

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    November 2014
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MailChimp users will benefit from Nexmo global reach and direct to carrier model. Translating into wholesale rates and great customer support.

The user simply imports lists including phone numbers in international format and sends the SMS campaign.

What is more? Users can check SMS analytics form Nexmo dashboard directly and can know their balance in the integration directly.They aslo get support for their SMS sending from our international SMS experts on

Nexmo is founded by wholesale SMS industry experts reducing the barriers for companies and developers to innovate. Our model is simple pay as you go cloud API. US and Canada market are not supported.

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Enter Nexmo API Keys
Enter Mailchimp API Key
Select Mailchimp list
Select phone number field
Send SMS campaign!
Check SMS campaign analytics


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    Tried this out and I couldn't successfully send SMS messages to my (USA and CDN) test list. My SMS messages were all rejected with cryptic error messages. No explanation of errors in Nexmo help. Moving on to try and find a user friendly SMS service.

    The mashup itself is totally 3rd party/ unsupported and it appears you have to resubmit your api keys each time you send an SMS campaign.

    Not recommended.