Social Referral Marketing Platform (CRM Relavant)

Vouchfor is a powerful referral platform leverages current customers to bring in new business via referrals.

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    October 2014

Vouchfor! uses a unique and systematic referral tracking system so that all referrals, leads and sales (redemptions) are securely stored. We do this by issuing uniquely coded Vouchfor! "Voucher" that holds typically the reward for performing a referral successfully. It also holds the new referrals (new customers) reward.

Because we always show you who referred who, businesses can clearly identify their loyal advocate customers and reward with confidence every time.

Customers can use Facebook, Twitter or Email to share the referral offer with their network of friends. Vouchfor! lets you see exactly which social media channels are being used and performing the best.

All the associated data created by Vouchfor!: the referrals, the leads and the redemptions can be downloaded into MailChimp for easy tracking and re-marketing efforts.

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Vouchfor! Referrals Made Easy.


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