Automatically add incoming emails from your audience, every time you run an evaluation after a talk or at a conference.

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    June 2015

SpeakerScore is a free powertool for public speakers, focused on getting the best audience feedback with the least amount of work. Now, you can automatically grow your MailChimp lists, every time you run a SpeakerScore rating.

When ever you rate a talk with SpeakerScore, any audience email (with permissions) you receive, can be automatically added to your newsletters, to make it easier for your to keep in touch with your audience.

With SpeakerScore and MailChimp you can:

  • Ask people for their email address, every time you rate your talk
  • Make sure they have given their contact permission (it's built in to the form)
  • Automatically have email addresses synved yo your MailChimp mailing lists
  • Have SpeakerScore grow your newsletter, every time you speak

This is what the audience experiences:

  1. They go to a talk or lecture or participate in a workshop
  2. Afterwards, they are asked to evaluate the talk using SpeakerScore
  3. In the evaluation form, they are offered to get a copy of the slides from the talk, if they submit their email address
  4. Ald while they're at it - we ask them to check a box, if they want to be contacted by the speaker or the organizer

This is what you need to do:

  1. Sign up to SpeakerScore
  2. Sign up to MailChimp
  3. Connect your Speakerscore account to MailChimp [(like this)(http://speakerscore.com/site/mailchimp)
  4. Add a talk, share a link and start speaking - and we'll take care of the rest

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Simply paste your MailChimp API key on your "settings" page
You can sync email addresses from your audience manually as well as automatically


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