Springbaud For The Raiser's Edge

Springbaud performs the otherwise laborious tasks of uploading email campaign lists and retrieving results in seconds.

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    Protege Solutions
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    December 2017


Manage your MailChimp email campaigns directly from The Raiser's Edge* with Springbaud.


Springbaud offers seamless integration with The Raiser's Edge meaning that your campaign lists will be loaded directly into your MailChimp account, and your campaign results will be retrieved and added directly to The Raiser's Edge.

Springbaud provides your organization with:

  • An up-to-date picture of how your campaigns are performing.
  • A holistic view of supporter behavior and of the longer-term impact of your communication strategies.
  • The chance to increase the cost-effectiveness of your e-marketing activities via instant, fully-integrated results.

And you can customize Springbaud to ensure it best meets your organization’s unique needs.


  • Springbaud is the most cost-effective email integration solution for The Raiser's Edge on the market.
  • A single Springbaud license covers as many Raiser’s Edge users as you like.
  • The Raiser’s Edge API module is not required.
  • Lists, clients, recipients and email volumes are limited only by your MailChimp account.
  • Springbaud supports multiple concurrent users.
  • 14-day trial, fully-functional with your production database.
  • Significant discounts available to registered non-profits.
  • Full on-going support and updates for current subscribers.
  • Protege Solutions is a proud Blackbaud Technology Partner.


You can download Springbaud now and try it out, fully-functional with your production Raiser's Edge database for 14 days. Just ask and we'll send you a link to download Springbaud to try out with your production data. Or you can take your time and appraise Springbaud with the Raiser's Edge sample database for as long as you like.

Our website has much more information about Springbaud for The Raiser's Edge, including full documentation. Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

* The Raiser's Edge is a trademark of Blackbaud, Inc.

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