Springbot enables small- to medium-sized retailers to make smarter marketing decisions in one dynamic platform.

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Springbot enables small- to medium-size retailers to take full advantage of even the most complex marketing data. We do it by delivering marketing automation and analytics in one dynamic platform, eliminating the need for separate tools and making the overwhelming task of running and tracking multi-channel marketing campaigns ridiculously simple. Then Springbot does something unique; we offer data-driven marketing recommendations that give you the confidence to make smarter marketing decisions to help grow your revenue. That’s the true power of Springbot Data-driven eCommerce Marketing.

Our integration with MailChimp allows you to easily send segmented personalized emails that result in an increased ROI and more conversions. We also give you insights into your emails by making all of the links trackable. This shows you how much site traffic is generated from each email, track every purchase made from every email you send, which customer segments are purchasing from this channel, and which products they are buying.

Instead of sending generic emails to your customers, use Springbot's insights and email capabilities to drive your strategy for more effective marketing campaigns.

What does this look like for your store? Schedule a 30 minute demo with our eCommerce experts here: http://bit.ly/2hAfewh

Overall Benefits:

  • Integrates all of your multichannel marketing tools into a single dashboard

  • Automate marketing actions through triggered emails, scheduled social postings, and more

  • Understand the ROI of your marketing through customer demographics, purchase behavior, and marketing channel revenue attribution

  • Receive tailored marketing recommendations from the springbots on SEO, email optimization, social media, and other areas of your marketing strategy

  • Schedule 5 types of triggered emails to automatically send to customers and generate revenue, and add Springbot's Unique Coupon Codes to encourage more sales

Why Springbot + MailChimp?

Springbot's integration with MailChimp allows eCommerce stores to instantly create advanced customer segments with data beyond just age and gender. We'll gather your subscriber base's demographic, social, and purchase history data to give you deeper insights when personalizing your emails. Use our pre-built segments right away or build your own to promotional emails or automated triggered email campaigns such as Abandoned Cart, Welcome/Anniversary, Post Purchase, and Win-Back emails.

Also included in your Springbot subscription is the ability to automate, personalize, and analyze other areas of your store's marketing like social, retargeting, multichannel, and more. Check out the rest of our features here: http://www.springbot.com/features/

Ongoing Support

Springbot provides an onboarding call for all new customers and ongoing support through their own dedicated Customer Success Manager and our Knowledge Base.

Ready to see Springbot in action? Schedule a 30 minute demo with our eCommerce experts here: http://bit.ly/2hAfewh

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Build automated triggered emails like Abandoned Cart and include a unique coupon code.
Drive more sales by marketing to your most loyal customers, biggest spenders, and more with RFM segments.
Use our pre-built segments or create your own advanced customer segments.


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