SpruceMail - Automated Facebook Advertising

SpruceMail automatically converts your MailChimp email campaigns into profitable Facebook ads.

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    September 2014

Automatically Convert Email Campaigns into Profitable Facebook Ads

SpruceMail links to your email provider (such as MailChimp) and creates “ready to run” Facebook ads from your email promotions. Launch new ads in just 2 clicks.

A Proven Facebook Ad Strategy, Built In

After spending $250+ million in Facebook ads we’ve seen what’s worked consistently. We’ve built a well rounded strategy into our software that targets ads to your existing customers, website visitors, and lookalikes to help you maximize sales.

No Facebook Ad Experience Required

There are an overwhelming number of ways to advertise on Facebook, requiring an experienced media buyer to see results. SpruceMail’s software is so simple anyone can profitably advertise on Facebook in-house, no experience required.

Transparent, Flat Rate Pricing

Facebook ad providers can charge up to a 40% markup of your Facebook ad spend. SpruceMail instead charges a simple, flat monthly fee based on the size of your email contact list.

Receive Up to $100 in Free Facebook Ads

We're so confident in SpruceMail's ability to generate a profit that we're offering up to $100 in free Facebook Advertising money and a 14 day free trial to prove it.

MailChimp integration

You can now sync your MailChimp email lists with your Existing Customers audience in SpruceMail. Import your MailChimp list into SpruceMail, and your list will always be up to date, saving you time and making sure your promotions are seen by all of your customers.


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Import and Sync Your Mailchimp List in SpruceMail
SpruceMail Connects to Mailchimp
Import and sync your email lists from Mailchimp
Access the Mailchimp sync through your Existing Customers lists page


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