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Squarespace 6 forms integrate easily with MailChimp lists.

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When a Squarespace 6 form is connected to a MailChimp list, the structure of the form is mirrored to the list's data configuration. Each Squarespace form field is mapped to an equivalent MailChimp list field automatically as the form is built. Form submissions are then captured in MailChimp as list subscribers. This integration makes it easy for Squarespace users to add MailChimp newsletter signup forms to their sites.

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Creating a Mailchimp list with Squarespace form blocks


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    How is this not fixed after 3 years of complaining!?! Such a bummer.



    Can I create a trackable link for an existing list to integrate it into squarespace? In my site, I am asking the user to subscribe after different content and I would like which content makes them do it. That's why I need different links or generally tracking to know where my sign ups are coming from. Is there a solution to this?

    TINK Africa


    Used MailChimp as storage but there are no updates. Please help fix this. Mercy Frank



    I am having the same issue as well. It says its connected with mailchimp but no subscribers are being added to mailchimp?



    I am having the same problem as many others. When people try to use my signup form, they do not receive a confirmation email and so I never get their email address unless they contact me personally. Very frustrating. I wonder how many interested subscribers I have lost without even knowing it, due to this problem. Looking for a work-around but one does not seem to exist. Any help would be appreciated.



    I have a question. How does one activate / integrate Ecommerce360 onto Squarespace?

    All other platforms seems to have plugins etc, but squarespace does not. Do we have this feature to track purchase patterns and clickthroughs etc?

    Home Dog


    When people sign up for our mailing list from our website, mailchimp integration is properly capturing their email address, but the name field is not being captured. Not sure what is missing in this integration. Help?



    +1 to all other reviews about no connection between Mailchimp and Squarespace...

    Have tried a new list, disabling email, nothing seems to work.




      Hey Wiebe --

      Since this integration enforces the double opt-in method, new signups won't appear on your MailChimp list until after they've clicked the link in the confirmation email.

      This article from Squarespace provides some of the details about that requirement: http://help.squarespace.com/guides/using-mailchimp-with-squarespace

      You may also want to reach out to Squarespace's support team with any more details, as they are the developers of this particular plugin.



    Hey! I am receiving sign ups which are not being led to any lists on Mailchimp. Just noticed (from reviews) I am not the first one with this problem.

    Did anyone find how to solve this?



    Just tried to integrate Mail Chip with Squarespace... it does not seem to be sending new information to the list. One problem is that it is not clear to the Squarespace user how to associate fields displayed in Squarespace with those in MailChimp.



    The ability to add subscriber names via Squarespace is great. That part works well, but the formatting of the newsletters can get screwed up somewhat.

    If anyone finds it useful, I wrote a guide for setting up with Squarespace 7, but it should hold true for Squarespace 6 as well.




    I initially had problem getting the Squarespace/MailChimp integration to work until I disconnected the other connectors and I only have the MailChimp integrator active.

    My mistake was because I started off testing the integration with the email but when I proceeded, I still have the email integrator active hence my MailChimp bombed out. All I did was deactive the email integrator, activate the MailChimp integrator and it works.

    One thing though, your MailChimp list doesn't get updated automatically (still searching for a workaround on this). You need to test with an active email, then you will receive a default MailChimp newsletter-like email (totally configurable), then you will need to manually subscribe to the MailChimp list (this process does not fit what I want).

    Then, go to your list in MailChimp, select "View Subscribers" under "Manage Subscribers" and then you should be able to see the updated subscribers list.

    I hope this helps!

    Cheers, Olu



    Cannot get integration to work, despite contacting Squarespace Help. I received an email from squarespace confirming subscription but nothing from Mailchimp so cannot validate the subscription. Very frustrating.



    Just a heads up: You need to create a new, unused list and have Squarespace send data to that, otherwise the Mailchimp integration doesn't work. You can't use an existing list.

    The Flwry


    Squarespace and MailChimp do not seem to integrate/connect with each other. Can you please offer some help?



    Ah! I figured it out. For those of you that were having problems with your newsletter sign ups not going into your mail chimp list, I realized that after I entered my own email in as a test there's a confirmation email that get sent to your email that needs to be okay. After that clears then it registers the email in mail chimp. Hope this helps the others on here with the similar problem.



    Having the same problem that everyone else seems to be having. Followed the directions to connect my squarespace newsletter form to Mailchimp. Tested it a few times and realized the address are not being added to the Mailchimp list that I created. Contacted squarespace to see if it was a problem on their end. Still waiting to hear back. Has anyone had this problem resolved?



    I updated my SQUARESPACE website's subscription sign up to connect with mail chimp 2 weeks ago, and since I've done that, I've had no new email subscribers. Does this mean no one is subscribing, or is their information not being collected, and I'm loosing them all?

      John Martzall


      Hi Marina, I'm sure they'd appreciate the additional feedback to help get to the bottom of this for you. You might want to create a support ticket here: http://help.squarespace.com/customer/portal/emails/new so they can look into it a little closer. Thanks.



    I have the same problem too. I do not receive any data to my mail chimp list. Is there anyway we can fix this?

      Amy Ellis


      Hey Daniel - Squarespace would really like to know what's going on with this integration so they can fix it. Could you submit a support ticket here - http://help.squarespace.com/customer/portal/emails/new

      Thanks Amy



    Folks are signing up on my website but are not showing up on my Mailchimp List at all.



    I've tried this, and it did not work. I submitted a ticket to squarespace and they could not get it to work either. Apparently their developers are working on a fix. poor.



    This does not work well with square space and often fails.



    It's not working for me. I've tried many times. Even after I paid for my subscription.



    Tried this integration and squarespace doesn't seem to be sending the data to my mailchimp list :-/