Synchronise Ticket Tailor sales with MailChimp

Automatically synchronise your ticket buyers from Ticket Tailor with your mailing list in MailChimp.

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    December 2016
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Connect your MailChimp account to Ticket Tailor and whenever someone buys a ticket they will automatically be added to your chosen mailing list in MailChimp. In addition we send over the name of the event the person bought tickets for which makes it easy to target particular ticket buyers.

With MailChimp and Ticket Tailor you will be able to build your lists and send targeted emails to your event attendees quickly and easily whether it's sending out an event reminder, promoting your upcoming shows, or anything else.

Setting up

Once you have connected your MailChimp account to Ticket Tailor you will be able to select:

  • which list you would like your ticket buyers to be subscribed to, and
  • whether or not to enable double opt-in.

All your existing ticket buyers will be added to the mailing list selected and any new ticket buyers will be added shortly after they have made their order.

We will add a new custom field to the list called "Event" which will include the details of the event they purchased for which makes it easy to segment and send targeted emails.

About Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor is the number one ticketing platform without per-ticket fees. In a nutshell, Ticket Tailor offers a simple and cost effective way to sell tickets for your event online. Learn more about Ticket Tailor

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    I've been a long time ticket tailor user and finally getting my email list in sync with every new sale is not just possible, but so easy thanks to the integration!

    I get to use mailchimp to retarget old customers, send out promotions and alert customers of new events we are running.

    Something so simple but it's had a massive impact on our business!



    I used this to keep my mailing list up to date with my event attendees.