Provide exceptional support through better collaboration and teamwork with the system built for B2B customer support.

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Our online help desk is not just another ticketing system - it's built specifically for B2B customer support, where the focus is on managing customers and not just tickets.

Most help desk systems are only made for one-on-one communications with your customers and lose focus on the big picture. TeamSupport is different. We help your team collaborate and communicate more effectively to solve customer issues.

  • Resolve issues quickly.
  • Collaborate more effectively.
  • Know your customers better.
  • Support the needs of your enterprise.
  • And, it is built by a team whose entire careers have been devoted to delivering exceptional customer service.

TeamSupport was built by an experienced team of software experts who have been in your shoes and understand your unique needs.

We strongly believe the best customer support experience is rooted in team collaboration. With your staff working as a team, they can easily draw on each other’s experience to get the best solution.

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