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Tatango allows your customers to join your MailChimp email newsletter by simply sending a text message.

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    February 2016
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How does it work? It’s actually pretty simple. Your customers will text their email address to a unique 5-6 digit phone number provided to you by Tatango. When we receive a new email address, we'll send that new email address to the designated email list within MailChimp. Pretty simple huh? Find out more info here: http://www.tatango.com/integrations/mailchimp-text-messaging/

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    Yerba Buena Gardens Festival


    Loved Tatango to get people passing by our venue to easily subscribe to our newsletter. Used it for a few years, but as of Sept. 30, 2016 there is no longer a free option. The cost of the paid options are prohibitive for a small nonprofit like us.



    Definitely, hands-down the best SMS subscription service, especially with MailChimp integration. So easy to navigate- very simple and user friendly. AND FREE. Would recommend. Absolutely.



    Sign up SMS service for plant tags - works really well! Simple and effective.