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Subscribers can join your email list by SMS text message! Send text campaigns to subscribers for instant impact.

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    June 2017
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Customers Can Join By Texting 444999

Our shortcode support allows for easy signup anywhere, anytime.

Perfect for capturing emails at presentations, trade shows or events!

Easy 5-Minute Setup

Collect emails by text with your custom keyword in only 5 minutes

Quickly Grow Your Email List

Collected emails automatically sync to your MailChimp lists and groups.

Send Text Marketing Campaigns

Send text messages in bulk to instantly Instantly notify your customers of events, promotions or new products

Easy Mobile Experience

Hassle-free experience for you, your staff and your customers.

Customize Messaging

You control your messaging to craft the perfect experience for your customers.

14 Day Free Trial, Affordable Plans

Textiful offers a Free Forever plan! All paid plans have a 14 day free trial and start at only $14 /month. No Credit card required to start. View all Textiful pricing plans.

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Easy setup! Collected email addresses can be synced to your MailChimp list and interest groups.


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    Teddy Burriss


    I was able to setup Textiful rather easy, however I am concerned about this company.

    It appears the integration is not through a secure API connection. There is no Privacy Policy listed on their Website. There are no Terms of Services on their Website. I sent an email to them asking to see their Terms of Service and Privacy policy, but they have not replied yet (>1 week). There is no information regarding who owns this application. I do not recommend using an application that does not provide this business information.



    Wow...I rarely take the time to leave reviews, but I wanted to say how much I DON'T appreciate how well this product works. The instructions on the web site do a great job of telling you how easy it is, but nowhere can I find anything that actually tells you how to connect your Textiful account to your MailChimp account. Plus, the textiful help desk doesn't seem to respond to emails. I'm curious if the review below is even real. I'm hopful, but skeptical.



    Wow...I rarely take the time to leave reviews, but I wanted to say how much I appreciate how well this product works. I tried another before this (Join by Text)- wasted 25 minutes setting it up, and it didn't work. They said it would take up to 1 business day to setup keywords. This worked, EASILY, SEAMLESSLY, IMMEDIATELY, AND BEAUTIFULLY. THANK YOU!!!!!