TidyClub + MailChimp Integration

Keep your TidyClub Contacts in Sync with MailChimp, supports unsubscribing and multiple lists and contact groups.

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    August 2015

Traditionally organizations will export a list from their TidyClub CRM database and then import that list into their MailChimp account. Every time they want to send out a marketing campaign via e-mail, they will go through this process. Linklab now offers a TidyClub CRM & MailChimp Subscribers synchronisation to make it easy.

To add this integration simply head to the Add-Ons section of your TidyClub Account and follow the prompts.

Features: -Sync bi-directionally your TidyClub Contacts with MailChimp list members -You can choose MailChimp Lists to sync -Easy as peeling a banana -You can select Contacts for sync -Anytime you update your contacts in TidyClub, it will be updated in MailChimp -MailChimp subscribers easily sync with your TidyClub account.

Enjoy the connection. Bananas for everyone!


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Select the MailChimp Add-On
Open Linklab.io and connect the platforms


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