Track your business proposals and boost your follow up, by forecasting sales in MailChimp

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    September 2015

Tilkee simplifies the process of sending and viewing business proposals. In just two clicks, your business proposals will be uploaded to our cloud­based software and a unique link will be generated to track each prospect.

As soon as your prospect starts reading your proposal, you receive alerts and feedbacks of prospects’ reading behavior, allowing you to follow up with prospects at the right time. Tilkee's unique “machine learning” algorithm estimates the probability of closing the deal, enabling sales representatives to focus on lead nurturing and exceed sales targets.

With this integration, a unique link ("Tilk") is automatically generated as a merge tag when you add a new contact on your MailChimp list. You can then use it in every campaign. When your lead access his Tilk, all statistics (total reading time, page views, time spent on each file, documents downloaded, etc...) will be updated on your merge tag's list. You can use these datas to automate your process, using MailChimp Automation tool!

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