Torq - Outbound Sales Emails Through Mandrill

Torq helps you sell more! Torq monitors leads on your website, provides realtime alerts & shares data w/ 3rd party apps.

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    March 2015

Email is the number one communications channel that sales people use to communicate with leads and prospects — but we don’t know when those emails are being opened and clicked, we have no insight into how our best leads are using our websites and we don’t have an effective way to use these emails to optimize our sales funnel.

Torq — along with the power of Mandrill — allows to you access all the email data you’ve been missing by combining the flexibility of traditional/personal email with the insight of an email marketing platform.

With Torq, you’ll be able to see which of your messages are opened and which are ignored. You’ll be able to instantly track all the behavior of any lead that clicks to your website, and — maybe best of all — you will be able to share lead data with your CRM, email marketing system, and your entire sales organization.

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Monitor online leads and visitors
See complete browsing history for leads on your website
View Torq email history by lead
Easily create outbound sales messages, schedule to send in the future and create followup reminders for yourself


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