Unify - MailChimp Sync for E-commerce

Easily update e-commerce lists, create email campaigns, sync and track customer transactions

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    Webgility Inc.
  • Last Updated
    February 2018

Simplify your e-commerce business and see how easy it is to succeed. Unify integrates with all your sales channels so you can save time on data entry, track your customer transactions, and see your e-commerce business from a holistic perspective.

Sync your online channels with MailChimp and create smart, targeted email marketing - Instantly create and update customer lists from each sales channels.
- See a report of your top performing customers and repeat buyers across all sales channels. - Easily create email marketing campaigns in MailChimp to promote sales, engage with customers, and increase customer loyalty.

Connect to accounting software and see where your money is - Automatically record all your sales transactions directly into QuickBooks or Xero. - Enjoy deep satisfaction from knowing your accounting is timely, accurate, organized, and tax compliant. - Post all revenue streams and expenses—including marketplace and shipping fees—and fully reconcile.

Grow your multi-channel business - Sell your products on any marketplace or platform and manage all of them from one user-friendly interface - Easily track order status, view sales trends, and schedule automatic summary posting. - Create a master inventory list and sync your inventory across channels with one click. - Unify works with over 40 e-commerce platforms, including Bigcommerce, Shopify, Magento, Amazon, and eBay.

Start a free trial today, visit www.webgility.com/unify/trial

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