Updentity Opt-in Assistant

Use the Updentity Opt-in Assistant to opt-in the new, updated email addresses provided by Updentity into MailChimp.

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    September 2015

• Seamlessly update email addresses in the Updentity system and then use Updentity Opt-in Assistant to opt those new email addresses into MailChimp. You may notice many individuals on your email list that are not opening your emails. Perhaps it isn’t lack of interest, but rather they are no longer using the email address you have recorded. Updentity may be able to find a new email address for that individual. We can even find new email addresses for your out-dated, bounced email addresses.

• Updentity can provide additional contact and/or demographic information for your current MailChimp email list.

• Use the Updentity Opt-in Assistant to send an opt-in request to new or updated email addresses provided by Updentity.

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