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Sync MailChimp with your Vendevor store to automatically capture customer emails at checkout.

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    November 2015

Sync MailChimp with your Vendevor store to automatically capture the emails of your customers at checkout and add them to a MailChimp list of your choice.

Vendevor is a shopping cart and payment processing platform that can be added into any existing website, blog, or Facebook fan page. Immediately accept credit cards from customers and transfer the sales into your bank account.

Now, with MailChimp, your website store and Facebook store just became more powerful as you collect the emails from all of your customers and are able to follow up with them directly from MailChimp. Follow up with your customers informing them of new discounts, promotional items, general updates about your store, or just about anything else!

Having the power of email follow-up enhances your store by helping you retain and market towards your existing customer base.

Integration couldn't be easier:

  • Grab the MailChimp API within your MailChimp account
  • Plugin the API on the "apps" page of your Vendevor account
  • Select the list you want your customers to be added to when they opt-in during the checkout process

And you're all set! Gathering your customer email addresses and adding them into your MailChimp lists has never been easier or more streamlined.

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Integration is simple with the MailChimp API
Customers opt-in to email updates during checkout


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