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Unleash The Power Of Video Marketing. Use Video For Lead Generation and Nurturing.

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    LoopLogic, LLC
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    October 2014

LoopLogic lets you import, upload or record videos and gives you tools to easily insert video thumbnails into your MailChimp email campaigns. You can even use existing YouTube videos!

Every recipient gets automatically recognized by our video player, which allows us to tell you when and how your contacts engage with your video content. We generate lists for every one of your videos, segmented by how much of the video was watched. You can then use that data to narrow your offers and generate timely autoresponders.

LoopLogic also gives you the ability to turn your videos into a lead generation tool by forcing unauthenticated viewers to fill a lead gen form. New leads get automatically added to your MailChimp list.

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Create Video Thumbnails For Your MailChimp Campaigns
Segment Your Lists Based On Video Engagement
Create MailChimp Autoresponders Basd On Last Video Watched
Generate MailChimp Leads Using Your Existing Videos


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