Make marketing videos & GIFs for MailChimp campaigns in seconds; integration delivers templates and graphics instantly.

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Video content has a powerful impact on email campaigns. With Vid.One, you can create eye-catching campaign videos and GIFs in a few seconds, and add templates and graphics directly to MailChimp.

Key Features

  • 500+ professional templates, with licensed/legal music.
  • Add your copy and logo/graphics
  • Preview and revise layout, fonts & colors
  • Populate ready-to-use MailChimp templates (JPG and GIF options)
  • Thumbnail graphics added to File Manager
  • Download video, GIFs & graphics instantly
    • 1-click Share to Facebook, Dropbox, Buffer and others

About Vid.One

Vid.One is the fastest and lowest-cost video-making platform available. Marketers can create polished videos in less than thirty seconds, as ready-to-use MailChimp content, from any browser or device. Choose from a constantly-changing set of free video templates. Better yet, paid templates average <$10, and do not require membership or recurring fees - just pay once and play forever. Bulk-buy options are available for marketers who need to create and manage tons of content.

Each video comes with a sharing page and a full-screen, unbranded public page that just delivers your video. Videos can also be transferred to YouTube or Vimeo, uploaded to Facebook and embedded on websites. There's even a "copy and start over" function to save time and effort.

Instant Content

MailChimp integration eliminates the time-wasting technical grunt work from using video. Just authorize Vid.One for your MailChimp account. We'll create 2 templates for each video (one with animated GIF, one with a conventional still thumbnail.) We'll add those graphics to your File Manager. We also provide a copy-and-paste merge tag so you can add your video to custom or corporate templates.

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