Viewbix MailChimp App

The Mailchimp app allows you to easily add a signup form for your lists directly from a video.

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    May 2013

Viewbix empowers companies to leverage their videos by inserting interactive apps and sharing that experience across the web and social networks.

In minutes, companies can add apps to existing videos, engage viewers and drive calls to action and then, share that experience everywhere.

Using the MCAPI, the Viewbix MailChimp app allows users to place a form in their videos and leverage their existing MailChimp accounts to: See available lists View prior campaigns ** Signup for a list

All this takes place directly in the video window itself and will work anywhere the video is embedded including web sites, Facebook newsfeeds and profile pages and links from Twitter.

This description was submitted by the integration’s developer. MailChimp lists available integrations for customer convenience only, and we don’t endorse or guarantee these services or products.

Easy intergration into your video player


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