MailChimp App for Volusion

Send customer & order details to MailChimp from your Volusion store - including ecommerce data & campaign tracking

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    October 2016
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A MailChimp Integration So Powerful You Won't Know How You Did Business Without It

Connect your store with a MailChimp list in less than 60 seconds. Our integration transfers customer and order details in real-time, including campaign tracking, products sold & purchase amounts.

  • Instantly connect your Volusion store with MailChimp
  • Integration built on MailChimp's latest API (3.0)
    • Transfer customer and order details instantly
    • Use ecommerce data to create campaigns & automation workflows
    • Track campaign effectiveness, measure customer interaction

Know what’s working with your email marketing

Use our integration to connect your Volusion store with MailChimp. Once activated, we'll send customer and campaign tracking details, order IDs, transaction amounts and much more so you can optimize your e-mail marketing efforts.

No More Spreadsheets

Customer and order details are automatically imported with our integration, eliminating the task of manually importing your data into MailChimp.

More Awesome Features

  • MailChimp subscriber status sync
  • Set customized sending filters
  • Grab old order information with a custom data pull
  • ecommerce data stays accurate when orders are cancelled, returned or declined
  • Merges data with existing subscribers
  • Trigger double opt-ins

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    Used this to integrated Volusion with Mailchimp - worked beautifully! And customer support (Kyle) is fantastic - very quick, detailed and clearly going out of their way to help. I started using the bonus cart abandonment feature from Vextras which was very easy to set up too. We're happy customers.

    Mark B. at AMS


    In my 25+ years in the technology industry I haven't come across a company like Vextras that I could recommend any higher. They are extremely customer focused and very responsive. Most of all, their integrations platform works great. We couldn't run our business without them. Their MailChimp app works seamlessly with our process. You guys rock!



    Very impressed with the super-responsive and helpful support they provided to onboard us with this app! Thanks Kyle and Vextras!

    Carl M.


    This is a great app. Very useful features that work well and increase sales. Customer support is responsive and conscientious about any special requests. I've already recommended Vextras to other business owners.



    Vextras saves me several hours a week keeping up with subscribes and unsubscribes, as well as capturing valuable sales data related to campaigns and sales. Easy to integrate, helpful and quick support. Well worth the money!



    I Love Vextras because of the one on one with Kyle. It was really easy to set up. I'd being doing so much more with it if I could clone myself, but my immediate needs were fulfilled in getting my customers converted to the mailing list as well as the abandoned cart feature.



    If you use Volusion, you should use Vextras. Combined with MailChimp, it will really help take your marketing to the next level. No more messing with spreadsheets. You can be more targeted. Although there may be some other apps that do similar work, the Vextras difference is support. They are very helpful, easy to work with and quick with responses. A great combination.



    Vextras Mailchimp integration did a great job of integrating my Volusion store with Mailchimp. It was super simple to create an effective cart abandonment workflow that converts. There is much more that can be done with the integration and new features are being added all the time. If you have a Volusion store, this is definitely a must-have integration.

    Nick G


    Once set up, Vextras' Mailchimp app works effortlessly in the background populating Mailchimp with our Volusion customer order data. This allows us to target our customers in a more personalised way. Kyle and his team at Vextras are always on hand and helpful with any queries.



    Fantastic integration. Easy to use and generate measurable income while saving time!



    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Postmaster. It's given us control of our communications, lets us reach and engage more effectively with our not-yet and current customers, our vendors, our partners... Since we added Postmaster it's almost as if we've added another team member whose sole role is customer nurturing. Gives us big $$$ features with a much more budget friendly price point. Can't recommend it enough! (Oh, and the customer service is stellar, too!)



    Very happy with this! Being able to see what are Customer history is definitely very crucial before sending out a newsletter to decrease the number of subscribers from opting out. Vextras is absolutely the best, easy to set up and use.

    Thanks Kyle, for everything!

    Renee Harris


    I love this integration. Since adding my customer information and sales activity to my Mailchimp subscriber list, I can now write purposeful and targeted emails to my customers, based on their purchase history. I have wanted to target particular customers with a "you might also like" type of email but hadn't been able to until now.

    Kyle and his team not just deliver, but over-deliver with their services and attention to detail. They are well-versed with Volusion as they have used Volusion themselves. Customer service comes first for the Vextras team; they've always answered each and every question, even when it's a technical question unrelated to the app. I'm thrilled to have found them.

    If you wanted a service like Infusionsoft, but that's much less expensive and far less confusing, this is the route to go.

    Renee Harris, owner @ MadeOn



    I scoured the inter webs for a system to connect MailChimp and Volusion. Volusion's built-in capabilities for automation are between pitiful and nonexistent. Postmaster was easy to set up and works great. Kyle answered all our questions in a very helpful, friendly, timely manner. If you have a Volusion store and you aren't using Postmaster, you're really missing out.



    Удивительная вещь, хочу попробовать.

    Michelle O'Brien -


    If you use, don't walk to get Postmaster. I've used some pretty sophisticated (i.e. $$$) email marketing systems but when I moved to a little ecomm startup with a startup budget, we had to think creatively on what systems to invest in. Wow. The bang for our buck that we are getting with MailChimp integrated with Volusion and EComm360 (thanks to Postmaster!) is fantastic.

    Now we can segment and group our list to our hearts content based on purchasing data and so much more--plus, their dev guys have not hesitated to build out a few features to make the integration even better for us. Kyle is super responsive and always willing to help. Very easy to set up and modify--simply awesome.



    We use Postmaster to push Volusion purchases to our MailChimp account. As far as I know there's no other option to bring this data into MailChimp from a Volusion store - a big frustration for us before we found Vextras. Now, we can segment our lists in many useful ways and better cater to our customers' needs. There's never been a glitch, and the Vextras team goes above and beyond to make sure our account is running smoothly and configured properly. We would definitely recommend this app and look forward to seeing more of what they have planned!



    Ohhhh I can't say enough about this App. I was making a huge investment moving from one shopping cart system to another only to find I had no way to provide the email service I was accustomed to.

    I searched the web and ran across Vextras who were still in Beta testing mode with the app. I contacted their team and was met with good news. They allowed me to Guinea pig the system.

    I can't tell you how much they helped. Ever since I have maintained my subscription for it's huge benefits.

    If only all software developers where this responsive. I could go on and on. I love them!!!

    Gonzalo Aragon


    The postmaster integration has improved the efficiency and results of our Mailchimp email communications with our customers substantially! It provides the perfect harmony for your Volusion customers and how you interact with them, tailoring targeted and event triggered emails as you see fit.

    This solution was something I was looking for extensively, and I truly impressed with the service and attention that Kyle and his team provides over at Vextras.

    My favorite feature is the use of Mailchimps ecommerce360, which allows us to see what each customer/subscriber has purchased from an email campaign. No more hunting down different analytics reports to compare and see what works.

    With postmaster, we have introduced autoresponders and can target/segment our mailing list based on what our customers have bought. The possibilities are endless and the results are measurable and so evident. The ease of optimization is so simple and our stats have only been trending upwards since we introduced Postmaster. The workflow and the ability to be flexible in our communications, making sure only interested customers receive the emails that they WANT to receive is an excellent way of engaging your customer base in a dynamic way.

    I look forward to seeing what these guys come up with next as they always work around your input and what can be improved on.

    Thanks for this great integration!

    Josh Lindsay


    The guys at Vextras are super deluxe!

    This thing works like nobody's business! If you have volusion and use mailchimp you must have Postmaster!

    This thing works, it's handsoff, and Kyle will help you through everything.

    They are awesome and so is postmaster!