vtiger CRM 6.3 (or better) extension Modul

Open Source CRM extension module for vtiger CRM for MailChimp

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  • Developer
    crm-now GmbH
  • Last Updated
    January 2016
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The vTiger MailChimp extension module is a free Open Source contribution for the vTiger CRM system. Once installed this module connects the CRM with MailChimp by using MailChimp's API.

  • fully compatible to vTiger v6.3 or better
  • easy to install by using the CRM's Module Manager
  • links CRM documents and comments to mailing lists
  • create mailing lists from Leads or Contacts on the CRM and transfer these lists to MailChimp
  • two way synchronization
  • supports MailChimp Groups
  • synchronization logging
  • automatic mapping of salutation field
  • supports unsubscribe actions on MailChimp
  • manual

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    Md. Alauddin


    We are using Vtiger CRM 6.4.0 and are interested to integrate mailchimp with our crm using mailchimp API



    Tested for vtiger CRM v.6.5 = works