Winning Email Booster

Email Booster improves your open and click-through rates, by analyzing your email, and then recommending improvements.

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  • Developer
    Winning Email
  • Last Updated
    June 2015

Just hookup your MailChimp account, then Email Booster will:

  • Analyze your email Subject and tell you how to improve it. It even checks against a massive database of words that can either help or hurt your conversions.

  • Make sure your email Body is up-to-snuff:

    • No bad code
    • Enough content to not be flagged as Spam
    • Contains a mailing address (also less likely to be Spam)
  • Check that your hyperlinks are valid.

  • Scan your email with SpamAssassin (the best spam-prevention tool out there).

  • Ensure your images are as optimized as possible and contain proper descriptors (in case they can't be loaded in an email client).

  • And more...


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