Subscribe customers to your MailChimp mail list at checkout & Bring their data into MailChimp to send targeted mails.

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Save time and ensure your list is always up-to-date by giving customers the option to subscribe to your email list at checkout.

This extension integrates with MailChimp’s eCommerce 360 feature and pulls purchase data into MailChimp.

Create segments based on the number of purchases, total money spent, types of products purchased to make sure the right customers see your emails. Get as granular as specific SKUs and variations, with all the data right in MailChimp and ready for you.

Send an email or series of emails to welcome and educate customers or automatically suggest related products by creating a workflow.

Trigger a series based on purchasing a specific product, category or change to customer data.

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Subscribe customers at checkout
Send emails based on customer data and purchase history
Automatically send e-mails based on purchases
Integrate in a few clicks


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