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Take full advantage of MailChimp's merge tags and interest groups

WPChimp supports all merge tag types and interest groups. You can reorder fields, mix and match merge tags with interest groups and get your form looking exactly the way you want.

Create multiple signup forms for any of your MailChimp lists

You can use several different forms on the same page at the same time. Forms can be mixed together and they will work even if they have different themes and layouts.

Choose from six color schemes and three responsive layouts

WPChimp forms are built using the Bootstrap CSS framework. They will look good on any device.

Use shortcodes and widgets

You do not need to edit your theme or worry about maintaining copy-pasted HTML in your posts or pages. We provide both a widget and a shortcode.

If you do want to edit your theme or you are using a custom designed theme, you can get maximum control by using template tags.

Integrates with Google Analytics and Mixpanel

WPChimp integrates with both Google Analytics and Mixpanel and automatically sends events when users submit our forms or encounter any errors.

Intuitive and easy to use admin

The admin panel looks and works like any other part of WordPress, there aren't any weird controls, popups or ads.

Automatic updates

WordPress plugins from the official repository are updated automatically. WPChimp is not different. Auto-updates work seamlessly.

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