Wufoo's integration syncs form content to a MailChimp list

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    June 2014
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Wufoo is a magical online service that makes it easy, fast and fun to build your own forms.

With this Wufoo - MailChimp integration, you’ll be able to easily transition between collecting emails and contact information with a Wufoo form and getting in touch with those people in mass.

This is all made possible thanks to our integration platform, which lets you use our push system to instantly send new data to MailChimp as it comes in to your Wufoo form. This new integration comes with an intuitive field matching interface to associate any custom fields you’ve setup in MailChimp with data collected from your forms and the ability to only send these entries to MailChimp based on whether a user checks a checkbox on the form (thus opting in).

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    Wufoo integration with MailChimp makes life so much easier. With the flexibility of Wufoo forms we are able to automatically segment new prospects based on their product interest and send them timely emails without lifting a finger!



    It's great to see that wufoo and mailchimp can be integrated. both are great tools and a lot can be done with the 2 together