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Integrates MailChimp with X-Cart - open source PHP eCommerce platform. Free lifetime license or powerful premium package

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X-Cart, a powerful open source PHP eCommerce platform, available both as a free lifetime license (with free lifetime upgrades) and as a premium package with advanced marketing tools, is integrated with MailChimp via a built-in "MailChimp Integration with Ecommerce support" module.


Subscription form on checkout and registration page
Customer subscribes to one/several lists, depending on the module settings (selector or a checkbox). A subscription confirmation email is sent out to new subscribers in order to confirm that they want to subscribe. It contains confirmation link that members must click to be added to your list

Subscription management by both admin and customer
Customers can subscribe/unsubscribe to the lists and list groups created by the store admin in his account in MailChimp. The admin can update the user subscription preferences on the User Modify page of X-Cart admin area. Registered customers can change their subscription (add more lists, groups or unsubscribe at all) on the Account details page.

MailChimp Ecommerce Integration
Allows you to track individual visitors of your website attracted by your MailChimp campaigns, capture customers purchasing activity, and pass it all back to MailChimp. - You can view purchase details, conversions, and total sales on the Reports page in your MailChimp account. - The mailing lists support segmentation based on your subscribers' purchase activity: Orders amount (Biggest Spenders/Tiny spenders), Frequency of ordering (Frequent Buyers/We Miss You) , Series of purchasing (after a specific product purchase). - Based on the customers purchasing activity MailChimp will recommend products to your newsletter recipients. Every recipient will see a set of products that are more likely to be interesting particularly to him.

Advanced Email Automation capabilities You can set emails or series of emails to be sent to your customers right away as soon as they take particular actions in your store, i.e. just subscribed, abandoned cart, made a first purchase, bought any/specific product, bought product from some category.

Instant installation in several clicks
No programming skills required, just find the free integration module in the App Store - like marketplace, select it and click "install" button. It will be installed immediately without leaving the admin area of the store.

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Mailchimp Lists overview in X-Cart 5 admin back-end
Mailchimp Module settings in X-Cart Admin area
Find MailChimp in X-Cart 5 marketplace and install in a couple of clicks
Customer Subscriptions


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    Scott Mielock


    Although, X-Cart 4.4.4 comes with a default Mailchimp integration feature, I stepped out to purchase the X-Mailchimp module. I started getting more and more involved in using Mailchimp and was preparing to launch my our marketing program. I was concerned about branding, but I have found out that not only is X-Mailchimp Module ready to use out of the box, but with a little knowlege in website coding and programming you can really intergrate the module completely. My concern was having someone leave the site. It is just too easy to utilize every aspect of mailchimps features within the X-Cart platform and have the customer never leave the site. That is invaluable.

    As I mentioned, if you are using Mailchimp and X-Cart, I would recommend you spend the mere $49 for the Module and really intergrate the two capabilities. You can't go wrong.



    I use this for my store and email campaigns and lists are automatically kept up to date and fresh, with new subscribers from the store and also anyone who wants to unsub is taken care of automatically.

    All i am left to do is communicate with my customers which is what business is all about. Great Stuff.

    Important: Make sure you buy the PAID version of the X-Mailchimp Module (yes, there is a free and PAID version) to go with your X-Cart for the Full Integration to work. I wasted time with the free mod which works, but does very little.



    Well, X-MailChimp integration helps me to do my e-mail marketing without having to import/export everything back and forth in X-Cart&MailChimp.

    From this point of view it is excellent.

    It would be nice to have campaign builder right in the X-Cart admin back-end, but I feel I am asking too much :)