Xero to MailChimp Integration

Engage your prospects, clients and partners in real-time with MailChimp integration to your Xero Financials.

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    March 2018


Sync MailChimp with Xero Financials to Get the Most Out of your Marketing and Sales Data

Connect MailChimp and your Xero Financial system in minutes not months.

Connect multiple Xero instances to multiple MailChimp Accounts.

Major Features:

Sync Xero contacts to MailChimp master list. New Contacts are auto-created if they do not exist.

Create new Contact in Xero if email does not exist at time of syncing.

Auto-syncing of active Smart List(s) for list segmentation in MailChimp based on purchase behavior. (In Dev & Available when Xero Smart List(s) API available)

Custom field mapping between both systems for segmentation to MailChimp & Xero Smart List(s).

Opt-outs managed automatically.

Xero always takes higher precedence over MailChimp. Any data changes in Xero will always be synced to MailChimp.

Contact data is synced from MailChimp only if the email address doesn't exist in Xero at the time of syncing.

Overall Benefits:

Save time managing your contact data in Xero by integrating MailChimp with Xero Financials. No more double entry needed!

Sync all your Xero Sales contacts with unlimited records sync!

Create targeted, timely marketing campaigns by segmenting your contacts based on Xero custom field mapping such as type of client, product interest, or stage of sales cycle.

Leverage Xero's Smart List reporting and forecasting capabilities to drive business intelligence from your email marketing metrics.

Cloud based so your team has access from anywhere.


2 Weeks Free Trial - $19.99/month - No credit card, obligation, or risk

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