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This plugin provides a variety of opt-in possibilities and saves the opt-ins directly to your MailChimp list.

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The xt:Commerce-MailChimp Plugin allows you to use MailChimp together with xt:Commerce. It provides a variety of opt-in possibilities and saves the opt-ins directly to your MailChimp list.

This plugin not only allows new customers and guests to opt-in during the checkout process but also provides visitors the possibility to quickly subscribe to your newsletter independent of the order process: The Smart Signup Box - which you can place anywhere in your shop - enables your customers to seamlessly sign up to your newsletter even if they do not make a purchase. Additionally this plugin sets up a "Learn More" page for your newsletter, where you can present your newsletter.

After a user opts-in the necessary data to send personalised e-mails - like the current shop-language setting - is added to your MailChimp List.

Feature List:

  • Opt-In Checkbox - "Signup to our Newsletter?": Opt-In possibility during the checkout process.
  • Newsletter Signup possibility after a purchase.
  • Freely placable and designable Newsletter Signup Box.
  • The Newsletter Signup Box gives customers who are logged in to your shop the possibility to subscribe to your newsletter with a single click.
  • A "Learn More" page for the Newsletter, on which you can present and advertise your E-Mails.
  • Necessary user data to send personalised E-Mails are sent to MailChimp after an opt-in.
  • You can set if customers should get a verification mail after the opt-in or not. (Add a user as "pending" or "subscribed"). +Complete configurability. All features can be turned on and off.

The following is only available in german as of now:

For product videos: Click here

For the documentation: Click here

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