Zapier is the easiest way to connect MailChimp with hundreds of best-in-breed web services across all use-cases.

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MailChimp Workflow Automation by Zapier

Zapier's MailChimp integrations allow you to automatically pass data to and from other web services without writing a single line of code.

From posting your newsletters on social media to replicating mailing lists or capturing customers as new subscribers, you'll find a wealth of pre-made solutions (Zaps) for any given use-case or create your own custom Zaps.

Whether you want to connect to Gmail, Paypal, Asana, Google Sheets, Shopify, Salesforce, Hubspot, or 500+ other apps, head over to Zapier to start saving time with automation today, or try out these popular Zaps to get started:

Got a complex pipeline? No problem.

With Zapier you can:

  • Use Multi-Step Zaps to trigger any number of actions based on a single event for powerful automated workflows that can span multiple apps
  • Look up items through Search Actions to find or create them if they don't exist, or retrieve additional details from a single piece of data like an email address
  • Use Filters to only trigger your Zaps when specific conditions are met
  • And so much more!

With Zapier and MailChimp you don't have to worry about custom code or APIs ever again!

To Use This Integration

  1. Sign up for a MailChimp and a Zapier account.
  2. Start using MailChimp with any of the hundreds of services Zapier works with.
  3. Enjoy a nice vacation with all the time, money, and hassle you saved.

That's it! Go have fun while Zapier does the work. :)

Additional Information & Help


This description was submitted by the integration’s developer. MailChimp lists available integrations for customer convenience only, and we don’t endorse or guarantee these services or products.


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    Linked our Mailchimp emails to posts on our WordPress based website. Easy to set up and rock solid in operation.



    Zapier has made my life so much easier. I've been able to create integrations between so many different apps using it and have saved myself tons of time in the process. They've also allowed me to build very complex apps without developing in the backend. I would highly recommend it. Particularly their Mailchimp integrations are strong for merging email contact lists and importing new subscribers.

    BC Talents


    Simple and easy to use. Save us a lot of time and struggles with accuracy.



    I use this integration to automatically update my mailchimp list with a google sheet of subscribers and contacts. It has saved my tons of time and Zapier has got me thinking about all sorts of other processes in my business which could be automated. Would definitely recommend



    The integration with Facebook works beautifully. We use the CTA on Facebook, and add the users to Mailchimp, through Zapier. Great stuff!



    Here too. Using Zapier to connect signup or contact forms to MailChimp or Google Sheets. I guess I have only figured out 25 % of what's possible. Anyway a fine service!



    I currently use MailerLite and am very happy with it. But I can't get my SamCart orders over to MailerLite. So my zap allows me to go from SamCart to MailChimp, and then I can go from Mailchimp to MailerLite. I'm so glad I found a workaround.



    We use Zapier to connect various signup forms we have to MailChimp. It works as expected!

    However, Zapier doesn't quite know how to handle some of MailChimp's errors properly. For example, MailChimp doesn't allow folks to join lists with "role based accounts (like". To this end, the'll reject the new email even though your incoming data is valid.



    love it!

    Regional Scrum Gathering® Canada


    We're planning a large conference. We use Mailchimp for messaging to the registrants, volunteers, and sponsors. Zapier integration has helped us ensure data integrity between systems -- for example when a person registers at, we are able to update all related point-solutions automatically with Zapier: Mailchimp, Stripe, Typeform, and Slack.



    We launched with a newsletter sign up before we started using Mailchimp. Rather than spending time going back and using a Mailchimp form or cracking open api documentation, we just clicked a few things in Zapier and now our sign up form syncs with our Mailchimp lists.



    We use the integration to automatically send web leads a series emails that lasts over 3 weeks. It's nice to know, that even if we cannot call the contact immediately, at least they have a very nicely designed email from us almost instantly.



    I started using the integration of a google drive forms with a mailchimp list. It is working very well and making my work more productive. Tks Zapier



    You can NOT run successful lead ads + automated campaigns without the use of Zapier. Completely changed the way I conduct my campaigns.



    Great integration between zapier and mailchimp. Used it for sending contacts from google docs to a specific list on my mailchimp's account.



    I used this integration to add customers who purchased on my website to my email list and send a drip campaign to those new subscribers based on the product they purchased. Absolutely love using Zapier!



    I use Zapier to sync different lists. It's super easy even for a beginner! Zapier makes my life so much easier!



    I have used Mailchimp-Zapier integration for multiple projects. I specialize in helping small business to (start) escalate their online marketing strategies. They are usually not tech savvy people, their business goals are pretty clear: get onboard the internet and sell more. This integration is my first step allways. I set up their mailchimp accounts and integrate online forms and email accounts to grow the mailing list or improve service to existing customers and let them know about their brand-new-fancy online marketing capabilities. In a couple of zaps they have a functional first stage CRM!

    Governors Bay Jetty Restoration Trust


    Our Trust is having a 'sponsor a plank' fundraiser to save our amazing, historical, iconic jetty, which is currently closed after being knocked around in the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake). I set up a form on our website (Square Space - wouldn't be my first choice, but a legacy I have to work with) for people who sponsor a plank. I set it up so when someone fills in the form, they go into a MailChimp list. All I wanted to do was for an email to be automatically sent to the plank sponsor to say thank you, you rock, and this is what happens next. Sounds simple, eh? Well I may be thick, but the only way I could do it through MailChimp was to generate a confirmation email that allows the "subscriber" to "confirm their subscription" - not really appropriate for someone who just paid $500 to have their name etched in jetty history. Or I could send them to a thank you page, but I wanted them to have an actual email that they could save and refer back to when asking "When did I sponsor that plank and what the heck is happening?". The solution... After several hours of trying various ways to send the email using gmail, MailChimp, and Square Space, I went to bed. I didn't sleep well. The next morning, I discovered the MailChimp > Gmail zap. It worked. It was easy. I'm happy.



    Using zapier to send subscribers via emails to mailchimp. very effective for those who live email marketing. Seamless, quick integration.

    Elias Emm. Min


    I used this integration in order to sync contacts and check upon results via multiple accounts into my CRM, actually! And i have to admit taht even though i was in the free version, it worked very efficiently and smoothly, IT WAS GREAT



    I use zapier to integrate my Facebook Lead ads to Mailchimp and my CRM. Works perfectly and saves me hours per week.

    Le Schmilblick


    Very useful, thanks :)



    It was a little buggy at first. I had to set up it up and re-set it up 3x before I got it working. But now it is working well and it is very helpful.

    Rodrigo B


    I use this integration to link my facebook ad leads with mailchimp lists. Works as expected.



    I'm using Zapier to link Insightly to MailChimp and pull through certain contacts that I want to use in email campaigns. It's working great.



    I've used Zapier to sync my mailchimp subcribers with various other platforms (primarily Podio as a CRM) and LOVE it. Super simple, reliable, and effective. No reason not to use this.



    I use this integration for a ton of different marketing activities from segmenting lists to additional integrations and notifications in Slack. I don't know where I would be without Zapier Cheers!



    Awesome integration! I use Zapier to sync email lists in CRM + Mailchimp, and push real-time subscriber notification into IM platform. Countless tasks automated! Thank you!



    Génial ! Pas besoin d'une ligne de code ! Ca simplifie vraiment la vie <3



    I used this integration to get notified when someone signed up for my list so I could manually enter them into my CRM. Because my CRM is lackluster, I was able to use Zapier to come up with a solution. I just wish that the pro version of Zapier wasn't so expensive (given what my need for it actually is).



    Awesome integration. Zapier is making my life easier.



    We use Zapier to connect our Facebook Lead Generation ad to our Mailchimp account with great success. Very easy Ap to use and couldn't do without it now!



    I use this integration to automatically create google contacts and mailchimp contacts for new clients when they schedule online appointments with Acuity. Works flawlessly and saves me a bunch of time and eliminates data entry error. Thank you!



    I use Zapier to help automatically upload our client lists from our database, at Zapier with MailChimp is FANTASTIC!!



    This is an incredibly useful app and integration--we've automated countless processes. Highly recommended!



    I use Zapier to automatically add names to my MailChimp lists when the customer completes a TypeForm on my website. I also then add a row to my Google Sheet with Zapier.



    I use Zapier to connect 3 different calendar systems as well as for sending facebook leads to mailchimp. Zapier is flat out the coolest invention since the iphone.



    Zaps my leads over from FB flawlessly, saves me lots of time



    Once you starting zapping, there is no going back! Having the ability for tasks to automatically take place in the background, without having to manually take the time to push through - is a god send!

    Mark Smith | Cats & Shepherd


    We use Mailchimp and zapier as our defacto tools. They enable us to be efficient and dream up new and exciting ways to build quick automations that deliver results for our clients.

    Use the Zapier | Mailchimp 1-2 punch for knockout results.



    This has saved us so much time in automating a workflow for a sport tournament entry process. Loving the easy integration with all apps and the stress-free update of our MailChimp database.



    The Zapier integration resolved so many issues with manual processing. Now, we have been able to automate leads communication and take them through an automated process.

    Guy Olds


    I use Zapier to automatically move Buyers from my CRM Podio so that I can market to them via Mailchimp. It not only saves me time but makes sure there's no mistakes made by retyping names or email addresses. It give me time in my real estate business for more important tasks.



    I've used this feature for several years now. It does what it says it does. Makes life easier!



    We use Zapier to remove subscribers from our Drip mailing list when they unsubscribe in Mailchimp. Zapier allows us to easily manage our mailing lists on two different platforms and it was set up in a matter of minutes!



    We use Zapier to remove subscribers from our Drip mailing list when they unsubscribe in Mailchimp. Zapier allows us to easily manage our mailing lists on two different platforms and it was set up in a matter of minutes!



    We have a mail chimp form that lives on leadpages to collect customer data, it's pulled in by zapier and sent to our CRM. Love Zapier integration.



    We use Zapier to automatically add users to our MailChimp list when they sign up for our mailing list via Facebook Ads. Before we used this addon, we had to go into Facebook Ads dashboard to export the .csv, and then import the .csv to Mailchimp. This saves us a bunch of time, and now users who subscribe via FB receive their welcome email series soon after subscribing!



    Zapier saves me a lot of hassle. I needed a way of automatically forwarding new subscribers on my Mailchimp list, to another platform for marketing. It took me a few seconds to integrate Zapier and set up a zap, and it has worked reliably since I set it up a few months ago. Thanks Zapier!



    Zapier and Mailchimp work great together. Would love to see the integration work with the Ecommerce API too.



    Zapier is great for everything!

    Lars Holmgaard


    It just works. And saves me time and worries as well.



    Great integration - works exactly as expected! Customer service was great too, as I originally misconfigured something on my end.



    Love Zapier! I was hesitant to spend the money for ANOTHER app, but finally broke down and used Zapier to connect my Facebook Lead Generation ad to my Mailchimp account.

    Such a time saver!!!! Works flawlessly, and well worth the investment!



    Works great!




    Zapier, please add function that za will do action only and only then when field value in google sheets changes. (if it is blank that is not a change :) )hope you can do that, would really help me a lot!



    This Zapier integreation easily saves me an hour of updating my mailchimp lists every week.



    In order to make Zap work for me you need to provide the functionality - "add email address to mail chimp list when new tag is added to contact in Highrise".



    Great integration from Mailchimp to Hubspot using Zapier, it has saved tons of hours of manual work! Thanks Zapier!!

    Shout! Factory


    I use Zapier in order to better manage multiple mailing lists and segments. Its processes make life easier for me, automating a lot of what I previously had to do manually.



    We have a monthly newsletter for subscribers, and we used to manually populate the newsletter's list with our current list of subscribers. The Zapier + Mailchimp integration replaces that time-consuming, error-prone job by adding subscribers anytime a payment from Stripe or PayPal comes in. Brilliant!



    I used the Zapier workflow integration between Facebook Ads and Mailchimp. While I was running several Facebook Lead Generation ads, Zapier saved me a ton of time in updating Mailchimp and triggering the automated email workflow. It also eliminated the possibility of my own human error. I love the product and am actively looking for other applications of Zapier to help build and manage my writing business.



    Works great using Zapier connecting Formstack, MailChimp and Google Sheets/Microsoft Excel. Love it.



    Works seamlessly and haven't had any problems.



    To sync leads from facebook through zapier to mailchimp and send them an automated welcome e-mail. It worked perfect!



    We used the integration to create a simple automated mailflow for people who downloaded a leadmagnet. It's not as powerful as some of the big boys like infusionsoft, but when a basic setup is the right prescription, this does the trick...

    Free Zapier + Free Mailchimp automation = Free Lead Nurturing system !



    This allows us to connect the subscribers in two lists in MailChimp, which is essential for our business flow.



    It works for me



    This integration is AMAZING!!! I use instafreebie, which doesn't integrate directly with ConvertKit. But it does integrate with MailChimp. So Zapier provides the bridge between my MailChimp account and my Convertkit account, and it's seamless and amazing.



    We integrated our landing page contact from unbounce to mailchimp which took minutes and works perfectly after mapping the fields in unbounce. Zapier is an amazing integration tool that I can't live without. Great Job Zapier!!!



    Linked new customers from big Cartel purchases to my mailchimp subscribers list. Works Perfectly and is free. Brilliant Service!



    Love being able to immediately pushed my recent campaign as a blog post on Wordpress - Zapier is amazing! I have yet to find something they could not do ;-)



    Very cool. We used the spreadsheet integration with MailChimp. It would be amazing if we could pass more than 3 parameters in the list (for the segmenting, groups... etc.)



    We submit data through an html form to Google Sheets frequently, and wanted some of this data to pass through to Mail Chimp so that our users can receive their results. Zapier's interface to link Google Sheets to Mail Chimp is incredibly user friendly and helped us seamlessly push data to Mail Chimp when our Google Sheet rows update!



    I use Zapier to move subscriber details from Mailchimp into a backup account. Works brilliantly.



    Great integration! We use it with Capsule CRM to put sign ups from our website into an automated email process. Super simple once you've given it a little thought!



    We've been using Zapier to integrate our webforms with and Google Sheets. We just learned about the MailKimp integration and it has streamlined our process for letting people sign up for our mailing list.



    Great App! Bridged the gap between Mailchimp and Typeform to get respondents to emails to my Mailchimp list.



    We use Google sheets a lot and so Zapier has been great with transferring data into and out of MailChimp. It saves SO much time. We absolutely LOVE Zapier!



    Zapier lets me set certain rules in GMail that, under certain conditions, automatically add addresses to my MailChimp list.



    Indispensable to my workflow. Using Zapier with MailChimp to automate at least 10 processes.



    Very nice, easy and useful tool.



    Zapier helps us organizing workflow in Ptaszarnia. With Mailchimp integration we can easily stay in touch with our customers.



    I just love Zapier! It allows me to send a welcome email to my new subscribers and be relaxed! :) automation is just there with Zapier!

    The Herd Locker


    A great fix for a Mailchimp bug. I'm currently having an issue with auto tweets, triggered whenever a new campaign is sent out on behalf of . Instead of sending a shortened URL (as it should, and up until recently, has) it sends out a long fugly one. Unfortunately this means Twitter abbreviates the rest of my message when displayed on the mobile app, giving priority to the long link over the text describing what it's about. Folks can't see what I'm talking about. Mailchimp is aware and working on this, but in the meantime the zapier integration works as a fine alternative. Just like the rest of their integrations.



    After attending a business conference/expo, we received dozens of business cards from potential clients and business partners. The Zapier integration allowed us to simply take a picture of the business card using FullContact, and the data was automatically entered into our CRM and MailChimp. This allowed us to easily follow up with everyone we came into contact with at the conference. I can't tell you how much time we saved by using Zapier. It cut down on hours of individually entering 100+ contacts into our systems, and even classified them according to our needs.

    Norbert Erdelyi


    We used a Mailchimp - Mailchimp Zap to delete subscribers from an old list who subscribed to the new list. Works great!



    We use Zapier to automatically place details of new clients into MailChimp. Zapier is great and has saved us a lot of time by not having to duplicate the manual entry process. Well done Zapier. A happy user !!



    We connected our highrise with mailChimp within some few clicks. Awesome! Thanks to the zapier team to offer such an easy-to-use and reliable UI.



    We use Zapier to automatically prune our mailing lists. For example, when a contact is no longer at a company (but the email still works), our Zap captures any automatic reply by searching for keywords such as "no longer works here." Then we have the MailChimp Zapier integration remove that contact from our list.



    Zapier has a lot of capability, but I used is in a very simple way to migrate one list to another list. It worked great for that.



    We're using Zapier allows to connect HubSpot CRM with Mailchimp and get better with our sales and marketing processes. Works great!



    We have several forms on a Webflow site and Zapier enables us to easily import the data into several different locations instead of the single default email address allowed by Webflow. Our signup form for our email list now seamlessly connects with MailChimp without having to use an embedded form. Thanks, Zapier! <3

    Jose Luis


    Perfect integration with Google Sheets! It really improved our workflow.



    Simple and easy



    I'm using Zapier to connect my Mailchimp and Instafreebie accounts. Zapier is a godsend. The time saving and benefits of automating tasks like this cannot be underestimated.

    Mark E. Cooper



    I used, and still am using, Zapier to (1) transfer emails from Fracebook Lead Ads to my Mailchimp lists, and then (2) manage double subscriptions between lists to keep my lists clean and avoid double email entries.



    Zapier gives so much flexibility around how we can seed our Mailchimp account (from multiple sources) as well as following up on delivery. Indispensable.



    Zapier allows us to connect Mailchimp to Freshsales and gives us the possibility to identify prospects and leads and hand them to our sales team. Great!!



    Zapier allows us to connect Pipedrive with Mailchimp to get more and better automation features for our CRM processes.



    Zapier's Zap works great, but....

    Disappointing that Mailchimp has there contacts structured the way that they are. Via Zapier and some other 3rd party CRMs like Prosperworks which has this integration built into it already, I was unable to move new contacts from any CRM or contact application into a Mailchimp List's Group effeciently. Only Mailchimp Lists are available to choose from and I'm unable to send an email to multiple Lists within Mailchimp, and I sometimes send emails to 10+ list groups, so the integrations with Mailchimp are useless and I'm looking for a new solution and mail abandon a polished email service like mailchimp in favor of a more approachable and personalized mass email with something like Streak's Mail Merge. I assume fixing this list/group issue is something that could be customized with the appropriate experience, but I'm disenchanted with Mailchimp and their lack of support that they have not made this functionality more accessible to the layman customer like myself.



    We're using Zapier to connect Typeform to update subscriber data. Super easy to set up (once you figure it out the first time), and honestly it's sort of fun to play around, get it set up and watch it work!



    We use Zapier for Highrise + MailChimp integration to synchronize our contact lists between the two programs. This streamlines the process of keeping our mailing lists up-to-date in both interfaces, without having to manually add contacts in each. Works great!



    Zapier works an absolute treat to update Mailchimp subscribers with new and amended contacts in Insightly. Nice!



    I use FacebooK Ads + Mailchimp Integration and It works very very well. Especially for contact acquisition campaigns: automatically manages the connection directly from Facebook's control panel, keeps track of the contacts and send the discount code without manual operations. Without this integration, the generation of Facebook contacts would be really very complicated to use. The best for all Smart Marketers.



    Zapier works flawlessly for Gmail + MailChimp integration. I was able to customize all the details to perfectly suit our needs.



    I use this integration for myself and my clients to send Subscriber Data from Squarespace Forms into MailChimp. Zapier is very powerful, and I find the interface easy to use. I've created Zaps to do Single Opt-In, to add "Join Newsletter" to contact forms, to split the Squarespace Name Field into "First" and "Last" for MailChimp, and to add subscriber to specific Groups.



    Zapier just made my life so much easier.

    I was able to onboard new subscribers seamlessly.



    Super useful tool! Keep it up and keep it free ;) Ideal for big cartel - mailchimp integrations to add buyers to a list automatically :) Nice!



    Zapier makes everything better. I haven't done data entry in years!



    Yep, amazing tool! Perfect integration, it works as a breeze. Thank you Zapier!



    We use this integration to push our CRM contacts to MailChimp and it works brilliantly. We also use Zapier for other integrations so I can highly recommend.



    Automagically import new contacts! So easy to set up, and then you can forget about it.



    I used this to automatically import any prospect to whom I send an estimate to to be included in a list of people starting or redesigning their business. Very handy!



    Used this integration for connecting Facebook lead ads with MailChimp. Every lead that came through connected immediately with our automated email series perfectly, and the entire thing took around 10 minutes to set up. Emailed Zapier support for help at one point, and they responded very quickly and problem solved easily. Can't recommend highly enough!



    This has been such a time saver! I use it to add users from my online courses to my Mailchimp list. And what I love is that it allows me to specify groups and change information automatically, too.



    Works perfectly for my custom app signup flow, and helps keep all my customers organized.



    Great tool, easy to use, no problem!



    I use this integration to transfer members on my mail chimp lists. Before using Zapier, I had to manually do this. Awesome service.



    ZAPIER! Woo hoo! We love the Zapier and MailChimp. Both have changed our business for the better.
    - Toddle Tunes Team

    Ideas Factory SA


    Amazing and super easy to set up!



    Super Easy, Free, and reliable; Zapier connected mail chimp to the following: 1. Highrise (CRM)

    2. Google Sheets (backup)

    If you can work an email you can work a nice ecosystem that all lands back to Mailchimp for automatic emails and client list building.



    Really great tool that make my life easier + great productivity + better workflow. High recommended.



    Works great. Easy to set up!



    I use Zapier to integrate calendar bookings with my email list as well as Google forms (that I use as prospect questionnaires). It took a bit of work to get it correctly set up, but I've been happy with the results in building my list automatically.

    Bob O'Neill - Carolina GUn Club


    Love this.....when someone join our club online by filling out an online application, that data is moved to one of many mailchimp lists we use. One is for Membership, the other is for general email we send and other auto notifications we sent to the officers of the club and much more. We also own a clothing store and we integrate mailchimp with other ZAPS that integrate with ShipStation that automatically prints our USPS labels and so much more! KUDOS to everyone involved in making this happen for us (especially the small business owners)



    Using Zapier has helped me to manage the different types of subscribers to my MailChimp account. It was easy to integrate and works every time.



    We use Zapier tied with Buffer to automatically post a blog article that appears on our website to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It works like a charm.

    Natalie Ruffing, Broadstreet Publishing Marketing Director


    This Zapier integration was amazing for our workflow. It freed up time spent importing new leads and allowed us to follow-up with leads in real-time when used in conjunction with Mailchimp's email automation. Simple and no automated a very time consuming process and I couldn't be happier.



    Setup was incredibly simple and the integration made collecting new leads through Facebook a breeze. Support was also very quick helpful.

    Bill R


    Great time saver, I have used it to automatically import data from FB ads into MC



    Once set up, the link with Zapier did not require any further attention. Works flawlessly and causes no headaches. Very well done guys!



    I've tied Zapier to Mail Chimp and a Lead-Gen ad on facebook. Initially, I had issues with not setting up correctly, but I found diagnostic tools on Zapier to be helpful and I finally watched a video and now it works great. This saves me A LOT of time, daily and it also kicks off an automation on a very timely basis, which is critical for the experience.



    Rock-solid and very easy to configure.



    Using Zapier to move information from Typeform to Mailchimp and Evernote has made my life much easier.



    I'm using zapier to send conditional messages to specific users based on subscriber actions within mailchimp. Mailchimp allows you to update a merge field, but zapier can use that to take a bunch of complex actions.



    An excellent integration that allows me to pull more complete subscriber list data from Airtable. Very helpful.



    Perfekt ! Second to none !



    Helps us keep our CRM in sync with Mailchimp. It's replaced an unreliable, manual process, which enables us to spend more time on sales / customer service. Love it!



    Mailchimp is a very good email list and campaign manager, but not a CRM. Insightly is a good CRM but not so good for email marketing. I collect new signups via a Mailchimp form, and get Zapier to automatically create a new contact in Insightly. Works beautifully! Easy to set up and test, also.




    I use the Zapier with Mailchimp to automatically transfer new members from a list to another. Really useful!



    This is saving me so much time, it's not even funny. I run Instafreebie promos. IF collects addresses but only integrates with Mailchimp, not with MailerLite. Because MailerLite offers free automation up to 1000 subscribers, I needed a way to connect MD to ML (sorry Mailchimp). Zapier fills that gap. Amazing! Only one thing missing: a way to automatically forward unsubscribes to ML. Otherwise, deliriously happy!



    Loved this app to send Facebook leads straight into Mailchimp. 100% functional and essential addition to any FB leads campaign.



    I use Zapier to automatically update/clean mailing lists based on purchases my clients make on my website. I gotta say it has removed tons of manual work I had to do previously. The time it saved me I was able to dedicate to improving services for my clients. Cannot imagine my business without Zapier...



    I use Zapier to get my mailchimp signups across to my automated email provider. I use Squarespace and they don't connect to my provider, so using mailchimp and zapier is a great workaround and I'm very happy with it.

    Kerstin | Squarespace Genie


    Love this integration! I sell Squarespace web design courses through my Squarespace website and even though the Squarespace commerce platform is awesome there is no easy way to send customer emails to a dedicated mailchimp list for the product purchased. Enter Zapier! With the help of this Mailchimp integration I was able to set up a workflow that sends email addresses to the correct Mailchimp list and triggers a welcome email to new course participants. A life saver, thank you!



    Works really well, and really useful tool



    Zappier is the zappiest thing that happened to my life lately. Just awesome! Don't be zappiless. Be Zappier!



    Great feature! It is just a pity Zapier prices are a bit high even on its cheapest option! More expensive than Mailchimp!



    As a none-technical person I found the integration between Zapier and Mailchimp super easy. With Zapier a tone of new opportunities opens up with more than 700 integrations. We have been using Zapier for 6 months now and the product is simply amazing.



    I'm an author and started with Mailchimp, then outsourced my newsletter to a service. When I took it back, I started a fresh list, not realizing that I had orphan links to the original list out in the wild, in the backs of books and on guest blog posts, etc. I was moving the handful of sign ups from the orphaned link by hand, then learned Zapier could do it for me. I think they can also delete the names from the original list, but I've chosen to do that by hand as a failsafe that the Zaps are working--which they totally are! It's a really nice lifesaver because I wasn't able to get into Mailchimp every day to do the transfer. This way people sign up none the wiser about the link and get the correct auto-response right away. Happy day for me. As for the actual Zap, took me less than a minute to set up. Love it!



    I found this very difficult and confusing and the process by which they help you out is so inefficient...sending an email with screenshots and waiting...I'm sure if I was more experienced with this type of integration it would be helpful but for a relatively inexperienced user it was challenging and created blips in my conversion from opt-in to mailchimp list.



    When folks fill out an interest form on our website, it adds them to a mailchimp list. Easy peasy and takes a heck of a lot of double data entry away and allows us to easily garner a larger audience. I also set up a zap to create a new person in my CRM once they've been added to the mailchimp list. Amazing!



    We used this to push Stripe customers to Mailchimp - working well so far, very happy with it.



    We used this to populate our mailchimp database with all customers that booked our tastings via Eventbrite - works perfectly and was so easy to setup

    AD Starrling


    Absolutely love my Zapier-Mailchimp integration. I am adding dozens of new new subscribers to specific sub-groups thanks to Typeform-Zapier-Mailchimp integration!

    David Tiong


    Using Zapier integration with Mailchimp to manage updating of lists is a powerful time saving tool. Some of the ways it works for me include adding clients to my CRM and then a zap adds them to a special client list in Mailchimp; a new subscriber on a list that I'm tracking and a notification is sent into a Slack channel. Zapier is great for managing workflows.



    I use Zapier for everything, and its integration with MailChip is really great. I'm able to keep things in sync between my CRM and Mailchimp with a couple of small integrations that just work. This opens up a TON of services, so no matter how frequently we try new things, we can always make sure our MailChimp lists stay in sync.

    Love it!



    The Stripe-Mailchimp integration has meant that I can automate the selling of my online products which makes it slick, easy and desirable for me and more importantly, my clients. No more having to remember their PayPal passwords or wait for me to personally send them an email with their paid for product.



    Great add on, very useful



    I used this integration to transfer subscribers from Facebook Lead Gen ads to my Mailchimp email list. It was really easy to set up and use, and it worked perfectly.



    Great add-on



    I really love Zapier for all my cross-app integrations, and this one works particularly well. Kudos to the teams involved in creating these helpful tools!



    Connected an onboarding form via Zapier and Google Docs. Easy to set up and has worked flawlessly since.



    My client wanted to have people that filled out a form on their website to be added to a specific list in Mailchimp. Using the built in Email parser I was able to easily setup this integration in a couple of minutes, I couldnt of asked for an easier integration... as usual when it comes to Zapier.

    Farmwell Station Middle School PTA


    I used this integration for people to join our PTA. The integration allowed people to fill out our online membership form and have the information added to our MailChimp email list and create an easy to use spreadsheet to track our membership. It worked perfectly and eliminated the extra step of hand-entering all the information. I highly recommend it!

    Paul C.


    I'm using Zapier to sync subscribers between several MailChimp lists. Works like a charm, the setup is really seamless and I'm really happy with it (plus at my level of use, it's free).



    Happy to have Zapier connected to my Mailchimp account to more easily move subscribers among my lists and remove duplicates to keep my Mailchimp costs to a minimum. Mailchimp is a great platform and Zapier makes it even better



    Getting new subscription notifications from Mailchimp is great, but with Zapier I can automatically sync my new lead with our CRM (Pipedrive), open a new deal in my sales pipeline, and initiate a follow up activity for one of my sales reps. The success or failure to close deals is in the hands of my sales team, not the workflow.



    Just started using this but it has been a godsend for linking certain Woocommerce functions to my MC account. Thumbs up!

    Christopher West @


    By using Zapier with Mail Chimp we have integrated the connections between our CRM, Accounting and EDM systems which save us a ton of time and provides awesome results as well. - Performance Marketing Agency



    Zapier allows me to pull specific Google Groups contact lists, which Mailchimp doesn't do natively.



    This a no brainer capability. Zapier => MailChimp is an absolute must and I'm thrilled at how well, how fast, and how much more efficient it makes work for me. Thank you

    Brian Gray


    The Zapier Integration allows for a lot of handy automatons and has been a huge help for my marketing.



    Love this integration with Zapier. It's more than "automatic." It's simplimatic. And helps our team streamline our subscribers faster than ever.



    Works really well when used with Full Contact API and Hubspot - multi zap - easiest way to build more information on your subscribers etc



    I use Zapier to add new contacts from Agile CRM and Burst SMS to my Mailchimp subscriber list. This saves me time and ensures all my data ends up in one place. Its great, especially when platforms don't migrate data automatically. Thanks Zapier. I tell all my network contacts to use Zapier.



    We use Zapier to pass information between out preferred form vendor (Cognito) and services like MailChimp and Insightly. Works great, setup is intuitive for the non-programmer. Love it!



    The Zapier integration between Facebook Lead Generation Ads and MailChimp is brilliant. It eliminated several steps for us saving us time and money, and ultimately allow us to deliver better results to our clients.



    We use this for automatically adding new people we email to both our Highrise database and to our newsletter in Mailchimp, it is magical! It saves us time and money and someone a very dull task and makes sure no new contacts are ever missed from our marketing - thank you Zapier - v clever!



    Pretty good integration from our Landing pages to our subscribers list. Thanks!



    Everything went smooth. Well done, Zapier.



    Works like a charm. I connected my auth0 project to zapier, and then it was plain easy to feed my mailchimp list with my users and start pushing them product updates. Awesome.



    I use mailchimp integration to send new gumroad customers to my email list. This thing works like a Maserati driven by genius monkeys. Thank you!



    Typeform is the most user-friendly interface for leads. MailChimp is the best email marketing automation tool. Getting both together with Zapier is awesome. Works like a charm!



    Integrating Mailchimp is not only seamless, but very effective. We use it for updating mailing lists from multiple third-party party applications including our crm, support and accounting systems. Zapier saves so much time with Mailchimp and other application integration it is the MUST have application for SMBs. No question - the integration between Mailchimp and Zapier is flexible, functional and affordable and merits 5-Stars.

    Alex (PupWalkr)


    The Zapier and Mailchimp + Sendgrid integration combo is amazing. Saves me so much time following up with leads. 5 stars for sure



    Awesome integration that makes my life a lot easier!



    Love the Typeform-2-MailChimp zap. It's made growing our Lists very simple.

    One negative, and it's an edge case: one of our lists relies on knowing the title of the individual - such as Mr. or Mrs. or Dr. etc. - as we want to send the email using their formal title. The Zap does not handle the space between the formal title and their first name reliably. Sometime's it's there, sometime's it's not, so we have to manually edit this list to prevent emails sent to "Dr.Sarah" when it should be "Dr. Sarah".

    Apart from that little issue the Zap is 10/10 would use again (and again).



    I use Zapier to integrate Google Sheets and Mailchimp lists and it work's very well.

    Roopesh Shenoy


    Works fantastic.

    I've dealt with the mailchimp API, so I know how much of a pain it is - for e.g. the groups that we needed was not even showing up without some jugglery. So how these guys have managed to integrate so well, is beyond me.

    Suffice to say, Zapier has invested time and effort in getting an amazing integration working, so I don't have to - I can just put a flow together and go back to running my business.

    Thanks Zapier!



    The Zapier + MailChimp integration works perfectly. I'm using it in conjunction with Gravity forms and Zapier integration to add contacts to a MailChimp list and make a spreadsheet simultaneously. The whole thing was very easy to setup and works like a champ.



    I automate recording leads & contacts from various sources through zaps and into mailchimp. A breeze. Do once and enjoy forever.



    Stop wasting your time on boring repetitive tasks and focus on what you love doing! Zapier is a must for all sized businesses.



    I use this integration for building my email database. It's just great!



    Great integration, easy and useful. I'm using it to connect Payhip (the tool I use to sell my ebooks) with Mailchimp.



    Zapier freed the Chimp. Best integration tool by far.



    Zapier + MailChimp integration is so so smooth, we could not do without it anymore.



    Once again, Zapier rocks! I'm using it along with to automate interaction and engagement with the students of my online course. It works beautifully.



    We are currently using the Hubspot CRM to Mailchimp integration which we really like. However, we would really like to have our Acumatica CRM data integrated with MailChimp.



    Zapier is cool, simple and to the point. Automate stuff & forget about it. We use it to automatically add subscribers for and works like a charm!



    Zapier is a must have for my website! I'm using it together with and it's awesome! It realy helps me grow my website and engage my users. I really recommend it.



    We use to connect to other systems and programs. Has worked great for us so far and has eliminated some manual entry into multiple places.



    We use Zapeir to connect <a href=""></a> to Mail Chimp. Seg enables us to track customers on our ecommerce store and send profile data to Mail Chimp. Without zapier we could not run our automations. We have set up automations for cart recovery, browse recovery, recovering customers who haven't shopped for a while and our VIP customers. This has massively increased our revenues from automation. We couldn't have done this without zapier!



    Used it to see if someone responded to a survey, much easier. Love zapier



    Prior to learning about Zapier, I had to add all new data manually. Zapier links my new clients to an automated MailChimp campaign as well as to my CRM automatically. This saves me hours of data input every week. Zapier is a total life saver.



    I use Zapier for Facebook leads automation. Works great without a hitch!



    With Zapier I automatically add people who registered for my webinars to my MailChimp list. No need for a manual export and import process.



    Zapier invited me to review the way I use it to link Facebook to Mailchimp. I'm happy to do that. I get leads from Facebook ads and Zapier transfers them automatically to a Mailchimp mailing list. To download the leads (email addresses) manually via a spreadsheet is possible, I used to do it, but it's onerous. As it is, I don't have to think about it, it just happens! To me it's well worth the money. So yes, thanks Zapier. Best, Jeremy Stone.



    I used Zapier to integrate Wufoo, mailchimp and mandril all at once. Zapier is a life saver! We were able to create a patient confirmation system thanks to Zapier. And, the help response was immediate!

    Thanks Zapier!!

    Sugared & Spiced Baked Goods


    In addition to MailChimp we use at least a dozen apps to keep information flowing to the right places. Zapier keeps the right information flowing from Quickbooks, Stripe, and Gravity forms into our MailChimp account. I used to send dozens of emails every night to ensure I wasn't missing an opportunity to add a potential customer - now that time is spent in the bakery!

    Cris Lindner


    Zapier and MailChimp WOW, what a combination... Automation is the best way to run CRM campaigns ... Associate with Typeform and you got a winner strategy... recommends :)



    Zapier saved me! I had a quick deadline to get Facebook lead ads into MailChimp and never used MailChimps API. I looked for an alternative and found Zapier and was able to be up and running within minutes. I'm a developer by trade but Zapiers interface is intuitive enough non-technical people can figure it out!



    I insist ALL of my clients get Zapier setup ... we call it "a roll of digital duct tape" here at Small Biz Triage.

    The MailChimp > Zoho CRM and Gravity Forms integrations are mega-useful, and the Gmail Label Zap is great at handling reply tracking.

    Nate @ Small Biz Triage



    This is awesome, It allows us to automatically add leads that come to our CRM into Mailchimp. Very easy to setup, works perfectly



    I am able to connect via Zapier my patient emails through my online calendar to my mailchimp email list. My goal is to have a seamless, keystroke free process and this service has worked well for my practice.



    The Zapier integration service has been working great for us in keeping our mailing list updated with multiple other programs.



    Without Zapier, I would have to manually code a connection between my app and Mailchimp.

    I would need to read API documentation, get an API token, perform API calls, test and debug the code, etc.

    Now it was simply a matter of posting to a Zapier webhook and triggering the appropriate action (subcribe somebody).

    The options Zapier provided where plenty and user-friendly. Absolutely awesome!



    I used to add people exploring our organization manually to Mailchimp based on a Typeform entry. Integrating both Typeform and Mailchimp was easy and seamless! Thanks, and keep up the good work Zapier!



    I have a customers list on MailChimp that I use to stay in touch with them regarding upgrades and news about our software. We used to manually add new customers to that list. Now, thanks to Zapier, new customers are automatically added to that list once they are created on Freshbooks, our billing app. Integration of both apps was a breeze. Thanks Zapier.

    Key to My Art


    I use Zapier to integrate my customer order emails with my mailing list. It works great - no longer do I have to download annoying CRV files or transport them one by one! I had a glitch and I contacted Zapier, and they fixed it for me right away! They are great!




    Excellent app. We use it to connect mailchimp and other systems.Works like a charm.



    Love using Zapier to connect Mailchimp to our other work applications.



    We used a "Zap" to build a bridge between a Typeform "Quiz" and a Mailchimp email workflow that invited our quiz respondents to participate in a new community. This automated a process that was fairly manually intensive beforehand - and made managing this project fun, effortless and easy to scale. Highly recommend Zapier - truly worth every penny :-)

    Ray D


    Totally diggin' the quick-bit notification integration with our Slack. The Zapier notifications are fairly seamless & not obnoxious, either. Well done & I look forward to continued improvements!



    CapsuleCRM > MailChimp - very simple setup which allows all new people and organisations created in our CRM to also be added to MailChimp.



    Collect FB Leads for a contest. One of the rare services that is totally worth every cent!



    Zapier is one of the coolest tools that anyone would love to use. Is like having a personal assistant that does everything perfectly and instantly, even at 3 a.m.! It never failed to add new customer's e-mail to our newsletter's list, and I am now looking to try new integrations with Mailchimp, making our lives even easier!



    Excellent integration, allows me to automatically add customers who bought an online class to a series of mailchimp automation emails with instructions. Thanks to Zapier the whole process is automated including the quickbooks update. That is perfect!



    The integration is in mind for monitoring changes to existing lists in MailChimp; campaigns are not yet active. For Zaps that I have used, they just top off all the hard work done prior, giving it that finishing touch. Thanks Wade!



    Using Zapier to add to our Mailchimp list.... Survey Monkey responders get added to our MailChimp list, who also get added to our Infusionsoft list so we a) don't require double opt-ins and b) have a list already for people who aren't engaged in our content to segment our lists. Those responders also get emailed to me so I know when our list is active. Thanks Zapier!



    Able to connect my client's Wix leads into his MailChimp account. Took some tweaking, but worked brilliantly and way better than manually downloading and uploading them!

    Grace H.


    We automatically import information of those who request coupons on our website to associated informational email lists pertaining to their specific coupon. Zapier+Mail Chimp has been a HUGE timesaver and cut way down on our busy work, and it's so simple to set up. Thanks!



    I've used this connection in combination with my HubSpot connection to update or add new customers who sign up for my promotions through a Gravity Forms form on WordPress. Works beautifully and saves me probably an hour or two per contact! Thanks!



    I integrated Mail Chimp with Zapier to integrate my new subscribers. Works amazing. So easy to use. Saves me lots of time importing info.

    Pat McDonald


    Great integration - very customizable notifications that look amazing.



    I use Zapier with my Mailchimp subscriptions to seamlessly update a Google Sheets file, and I must say it's the ultimate time saver.



    This has been imperative to growing our list. It's annoying that this integration isn't native to Mailchimp, but I'm glad Zapier has solved the problem in the meantime.



    We use Zapier with Mailchimp to instantly transfer leads to our CRM and to Twilio where we can communicate with them through Slack. Brilliance!



    Zapier lead generation tool let me relax in terms of transferring leads from my Facebook leaden ads, confident that my sign ups were transferred to my email list seamlessly. Their support and customer service were excellent too.



    This integration allows our organization to schedule emails and automatically post to our teams internal communications intranet. Zapier sees our scheduled email, turns it into a Wordpress post, and posts it exactly where we want it posted. Thanks for saving me so much time.



    Great tool to use and expand the services of both mailchimp and surverygizmo....

    Andrea Hubbert of Hub+company


    Man alive! I use the Zapier/Mailchimp integration to automatically pull people from various opt-in and registration lists onto my primary newsletter list. It's been great... saving me lots of time by not having to do it manually and providing peace of mind that I'm not missing anyone.



    Big fan of sending Typeform entries via Zapier to Mailchimp newsletter lists. Works great and saves us a ton of time!

    Abby G. of Happy Poppy


    Zapier helped me automatically copy subscribers from one list to another. So, everytime I get a new subscriber from my main list, the other list gets that new subscriber, too. So awesome! What a time to be alive!



    Love it - Zapier really is the best thing since sliced bread!



    Love Zapier! I use Typeform + Mailchimp integration to move my subscribers between different lists. Works great!

    Jorge Cunha


    Great job! Easy deployment 1,2,3 :)



    I use Zapier and TypeForm to add subscribers to my email. The subscriber enters in some information into a form and after they hit submit, Zapier puts their info automatically into a Google Sheets file and subscribes the user to specific groups in my MailChimp newsletter. Works easily.



    I use STREAK Crm to put all my new clients into Mailchimp-it's awesome!



    Zapier is the bee's knees. Simple



    We use Zapier to send contest entries from Typeform to Mailchimp. Works a treat. Simple to set up and test, and performs really well.

    Laurens van Mourik


    I'm a marketer at our company and I use this integration to be able to automatically send personalized emails with unique webinar URLs to the people that subscribe to our webinars. The integration works all the time, is super easy to use and saves me a lot of time and effort!

    Sam - The Business Classroom


    I love how simple Zapier is to add new subscribers from each opt in to my main list with out manually having to go in each time a new subscriber comes in.



    We hold events pretty regularly and this was a really easy way to turn registrations into sign ups for our newsletter. Big time saver!



    We use Zapier to connect our sales management system, Pipedrive, to Mailchimp. Now, every time we create a new record in Pipedrive our MailChimp database gets automatically updated.

    It works seamlessly and reliably in the background. Strong recommendation!



    Great system - Zapier pulls contact details in from our Live Chat system and puts them into a mailing list. Used it many times over the years in similar ways.



    We use Zapier & MailChimp integration to send automated emails to customers once they filled in a CS survey. Easy to set up and integrate.



    Zapier integration for Mailchimp is awsome, adds all our new contacts in pipedrive (CRM) automatically to the mailing list saving us hours of work.



    We use Zapier to add subscribers captured from multiple sources and it has been the single biggest resource for growing our list. The integration is flawless, and saves us an incredible amount of time every day.

    Chris Kellett


    We are a very small business made of two we needed to automate what we can Zapier and Mailchimp (plus everything else it powers) has really made life easier probably takes an hours work of each new product we publish.



    Zapier seamlessly joins the power of your Mailchimp account with the best survey tool out there. When people connect with you and give you their personal data through a survey, you can then reach back out to them without having to lift a finger. Contacts can be funneled right into an email automation that you design, and it works like a charm.



    Work's great and easy.



    Zapier integration with Mailchimp is such a wonderful app it saves us a full time employees wage.

    All employers who want an edge on their competitors should be using this automated app.

    Good work guys.

    Thank you


    Vladimir Lugo


    Zapier integration for Mailchimp allows me to copy emails between multiple lists and multiple accounts automatically. It saves me a lot of time by consolidating all of my signup forms into a master email list that I can use for general purposes. I have written a Spanish guide on how to use Zapier and it can be found at

    JLab Audio


    Zapier has solved several automated processes/needs for JLab Audio - from automated unique code collection and collecting emails for customers who we normally wouldn't have. Great addition to our tools!



    I love my Mailchimp/Zapier/Slack integration! We use it to stay on top of fresh new candidates signing up for our Jobs mailing list. By interacting on the spot with them, we keep them engaged. Engaged job seekers = happy job seekers = happy employers = repeat customer! It's the Human approach we hold so dear



    I love my Mailchimp/Zapier/Slack integration! We use it to stay on top of fresh new candidates signing up for our Jobs mailing list. By interacting on the spot with them, we keep them engaged. Engaged job seekers = happy job seekers = happy employers = repeat customer! It's the Human approach we hold so dear



    We're using Zapier to push incoming Facebook Lead Ads to our Mailchimp lists. Works like a charm!



    This is so convenient to have my mailchimp subscribers uploaded without me having to do anything. Just the thought of having to do it one by one made me tired already. Thanks for taking care of this for me and allowing me to focus my energy on higher priority tasks.



    We use a combination of Zapier flows and Mailchimp automation to send automated statistics reports. Everything is running as smoothly as possible. Two great products.



    Great stuff! I use Zapier to add new customers from Gumroad to my list. I also figured out a way to update subscribers, adding them into purchased product groups, while at the same time appending them to my customer lists in Evernote. In addition, when a subscriber signs up in another list (for attending a separate email course), Zapier automatically puts them in a group in my main list so that they do not receive other emails.



    Love Zapier, it's a doddle to use, and as expected only took a couple of minutes to get alerts from Mailchimp on list subscriptions into Slack.



    This integration is a life saver. Before discovering this Zapier integration, we had to do everything manually. This has saved my team and I so much time.



    We use Zapier to directly pull email addresses from Google docs into MailChimp, and it works fabulously. The more integration between the two, the better!



    We have integrated quite a few services now and Zapier gives us the most choices quickly and efficiently.



    Zapier is a lifesaver! It has allowed us to connect to various accounts all over the web and automate all of the import process. Before I was having to upload csv files daily to keep everything in sync, never again!

    Helen Rebello


    I use Zapier to connect my Gumroad shop to MailChimp, as well as connect Gumroad to my course platform. Whenever someone purchases my course, they are added automatically to the mailing list and to the course platform. It works flawlessly and customer service is great.



    Love Zapier, it integrates my CRM with mailchimp without having to do a thing. It keeps it simple and effective.



    We use our custom contact forms on our website and we needed a way to get those people into our email list. We use Zapier to send to MailChimp as well as Highrise to keep all our contacts organized into groups/segments. It has worked out so well! I LOVE IT!



    Zapier is awesome! It makes using multiple platform flawless. I send out a monthly update through Mail Chimp, but I use Google Contacts. Now anytime I add someone to a particular group in my contacts, they instantly get added to my subscriber list in Mail Chimp. Thanks Zapier for saving me!



    I love the Zapier/ Mailchimp integration. I use the Mailchimp + Slack zap to notify me when I get new subscribers to my habit/health coaching blog Chillpill (

    Mailchimp+Slack= awesomeness!



    Just started using the Zapier plug in for Mail Chimp in conjunction with Facebook Lead Ads. It is working great!

    Startup Noire


    Zapier makes automation a lot easier with MailChimp. I'm about to set my mailing list on autopilot, and make it a lot more personable.



    I used Google Sheets (created from a Google Form) to add subscribers to a MailChimp Newsletter. Brilliant!

    The Birthplace


    Zapier + MailChimp Automation = Awesome!



    I have been using Zapier for almost a year now. It works perfectly with mail chimp. really happy with that. It saves us a lot of time.



    I started using zapier and mailchimp not to long time ago, and the results were immediate. It's really improven the way I work and it saves me a lot of time!



    I use Zapier to add recurring cards to my to do list (getting things done inbox).

    It's amazing. I hardly use my calendar anymore.

    Way to go Zapier!



    I use Zapier to get new contact entered into my CRM to automatically add to my mailing list. Works great and makes life a whole lot easier!



    I use Zaps to automatically send a thank you email. The best thing ever!!



    I use Zapier to connect my Gumroad shop to MailChimp. Every time someone makes a purchase, they are added to the mailing list. Works very well.



    I run a hobby radio station and do surveys to find out what my listeners like. When someone completes the survey, the results are placed in a google spreadsheet. Zapier finds the new row and updates the mailchimp subscriber profile. Works great! The one thing I have noticed is that sometime I can't just update the Zap to look at the new spreadsheet and row. Sometimes I need to completely rebuild the Zap. Other than than little issue it works flawlessly!

    Torrey T


    Zapier is amazing with every feature but with mailchimp it's epic. Love all the amazing possibilities when combining these 2 Highly recommended



    Love, Love, Love Zapier. I was using a paper log for my students to fill out their classroom activities and contact info. I spent hours deciphering poor penmanship to transfer the information to MailChimp, to send e-mail updates and still ended up with several bounced e-mails. Now I have a Google document they fill out on my I-pad and use Zapier to automatically transfer it to MailChimp. This has saved me at least an hour a week and much frustration.



    Zapier is awesome. They say Zapier can give you cloud service super powers and that's pretty much what it does.



    We use this awesome integration to push new leads and subscribers over to MailChimp and, well, it just works! Thanks MailChimp and Zapier for saving me time, headache and money.

    Nessie DM


    We use it to streamline collecting new lead and subscriber and keeping it all up to date. Very neat automated workflow.



    We did a webinar using Zoom webinar technology, and sent all the signups for the webinar to our mail chimp address list. Worked Awesome.



    Works seamlessly together! Used Zapier to connect a Typeform to Mailchimp, even was able to copy some extra info along from the form.



    I have used it to automatically send emails sent from my Mandrill account for an iOS app to my Mailchimp list. Works like a charm.



    Zapier works beautifully with Mailchimp. I'm a big Zap fan!

    SOC from Book Bound Retreat


    We use this integration to handle a form sign up on our Wordpress site, sending registration details straight to Mailchimp from our email.



    I use mailchimp to capture email addresses, where I offer a free download of a pdf. The integration with gmail lets me then send a personalised welcome email.



    Zapier helped me quickly and easily funnel new signups into the appropriate email flows in MailChimp. Would have been a huge hassle without it!



    Member Mouse does not allow us to pass extra data to MailChimp. This caused an irritating manual step for every new Member. Zapier email parser and MailChimp integation solved this problem at a high level. No code to write. No theme or plugin modifications. Excellent.



    We like to thank job applicants who weren't offered the job and this integration makes the process that much easier. The applicants complete a form via Typeform and their information is sent to a specific list in Mailchimp. We can then easily create a new mailing to those individuals and send off the thank you note. What, in the past, took a few hours (collecting emails and information from Craigslist + our inbox) now takes minutes.

    It did take a few minutes to figure out how to use the integration at first (all form fields had to have been tested/used in order for the integration to find them) however thereafter, everything has been super smooth.



    Very easy to use without coding something. This integration resolved everything for me.



    J'utilise depuis peu Zapier pour relier Mailchimp à Highrise. Pratique !



    Easy to set up, happy to use. Thanks!

    Anthony - Showcase Web Development


    Super integration has saved us hours going forward updating our mailing list! Thanks so much for this!



    I thought for sure this would solve the problem of our Caspio program being able to update records in our MailChimp or Constant Contact mailing list. Unfortunately, updates in Caspio are not only new contacts can be zapped. This is only half useful and therefore not useful at all. If we cannot both add new contacts and update old contacts to our mailing lists, we still have a manual process or need to reload our mailing list every time. PLEASE ADD UPDATE row as a trigger from Caspio to be able to update the existing contact in MailChimp or Constant Contact.



    J'aime beaucoup Zapier, l'automatisation est vraiment très pratique. Dans mon cas cela me permet d'ajouter toutes les personnes qui participent à mon concours (formulaire Google Drive) automatiquement dans Mailchimp. C'est vraiment super!



    Even for non-technical person the integration from Pipedrive to Mailchimp was quikc and really easy with Zapier! Truely automates our workflows.



    Great - automated the addition of new customer - saves me heaps of time each month.



    I set up a system to trigger instructional emails to customers based on their needs when calling our customer service line. By combining a Google Spreadsheet that is autofilled by a Google Form and automatic workflows we've reduced average customer service call length from 20 minutes to 5! Zapier is absolutely amazing and has saved my company a ton of time and money!



    Simply amazing. Saves me sevral hours a week by automating data entry and email list management.



    Does exactly what it says on the tin... Easy to set up and sends data quickly... Bish, bash, bosh...



    We are a non-profit organisation and have used Zapier to keep our google contacts in sync with our MailChimp newsletter.

    In general Zapier has proven to be very helpful with only a couple minor drawbacks.

    1/ sometimes it might not recognise an change/update on a google contact and

    2/ the task history is not very easy to use as you have to go back/forth into each and every erroneous task to see what caused it.



    We used Zapier to kick off an email campaign from a google form. It was easy to set up and works great!



    The Zapier integration is a no-brainer. Once setup it connects your data to a huge range of other services which means you spend less time integrating and more time creating value for your customers.



    I used Zapier to get the contacts from PlanSo Forms into Mailchimp, and then push them to Pipedrive. And also get a Slack notification when I do so. It juste works perfectly!



    I used the Survey Monkey to MailChimp integration. We are running some surveys and it becomes quite a pain gathering the information about those who have taken the survey and then getting back to them. Automatically adding their email IDs to a MailChimp list using Zapier has saved us a lot of time, effort and pain. Thank you.



    Absolutely love the integration with Zapier. Our team is now automatically notified in Slack when someone signs up to a mailing list!



    It works great! We can now send emails with Mailchimp and know that our contact list is 100% up to date!

    Curious Chad


    The Zapier - Mailchimp integration automatically adds new subscribers to Mailchimp when a new user is added to my app.

    Zapier is literally the coolest technology I know of.

    On a scale of 1 - 10 Zapier is a 1000000000

    Max Cougar


    Yep. I use Zapier to connect my Typeform forms to my Mailchimp account, so that users can add people to the mailing list associated with their personal campaign. It works great.



    I am a leader in a student organization at UCSD called the Data Science Student Society ( and we use Zapier to automate pushing Google Form entries into mailchimp. This helps consolidate the users sign up process. A prospective member can fill out one google form and instantly they are able to get registered. It saves a lot of time and makes management of our online newsletter very easy.



    I use this to send new MailChimp subscribers into an Airtable database, which we use as a CRM, among other things, for a small art space. Works wonderfully, seamlessly well.



    I'm integrating my subscribers at my squarespace blog with mail chimp through Zapier. This has been wonderful, as it's allowed a simple way of getting subscribers more quickly connected to the blog. An easy setup, and free. When I had a big boost in subscribers for 2 month, I smoothly entered the paid service. When that phase passed, it was just as easy to pull back and renter the free service. Can't recommend it enough. Easy and useful.



    We found it very useful to sync Google Contacts with MailChimp. As we use Contacts as some kind of basic CRM with repository of clients in different groups.



    We use this to add enrollees from our WordPress-powered LMS into MailChimp. Works great! Very glad to have it.



    I'm an author, and I've got specialized promo sign up links for my newsletter embedded in the backs of various titles--zapier allows me to get those sign ups automatically copied to my main list, while still providing the specialized incentive to readers.



    It works exactly as expected and saves us a lot of time



    I used this integration for sending me notifications for new leads that come into my mailing lists as well as transferring new leads from one Mailchimp account to another. If you are needing a great Zapier app for Mailchimp look no further this will get the job done. The best part was it was really easy to setup and get going!



    would be nice to have the option to remove an email if its missing from the imported data. besides that, easy to setup.



    I've started to use Zapier for many more things. Mailchimp is just one of many integrations that I've built into my SOPs.



    We have a lot of different tests, and literature which we give away on our site and end up with different lists, and automations set up on MailChimp. Zapier has really helped us capture all the information in one place as it sends everything to our CRM allowing us to give the best levels of service to all of our clients. It saves us a massive job and enables our team to focus on supporting the people we are connecting with - rather than spending ages importing, and uploading data! Thanks Zapier - you're great!



    At Mocko Consulting we integrated our Insightly CRM with MailChimp using Zapier. It works great. We are tagging our Insightly CRM contacts, and this helps us to create segmented lists in MailChimp. When it is time to send out our newsletters we have a full list or our contacts ready to go. We create our communication, select the segments we want to use for that particular communication, and send it out!



    I run my online store entirely from Gumroad. Simply by offering one free product on Gumroad, Zapier has allowed me completely automate the growth of my subscribers by 400%. I don't know of a more seamless solution out there. Thank you!



    Hi: We use Zapier to integrate from Assessment Generator V2/3 to MailChimp - the set up is a breeze and instantly my assessment taker's name and email address added to my contact list. It's all automated with only one request for name and email address - results of the assessment are received and my list is getting bigger! Thanks to Zapier, this has not been possible without requesting information 2 times.



    Love Typeform, love Mailchimp, and Zapier made it super simple for us to add Typeform entries to our Mailchimp subscriber lists -- saves us a whole lot of time every day!



    We use it so that anyone who fills out a Wufoo form on our website is instantly added into one of our email lists. We LOVE Zapier.



    Works quite great! Haven't faced any issues so far.



    Mailchimp integration works GREAT with Eventbrite and AgileCRM. An attendee to Eventbrite event is automatically added to the correct Mailchimp list... and my Mailchimp contacts are automatically added to my Agile CRM - including relevant tags. I'm enjoying just sitting back and watching my mail list grow!



    Works good. Would love to see an Mailchimp endpoint for the image that is blasted so I can use that image on another zap.



    Wonderful and seamless integration. I saved a lot of time by automatically adding contacts in MailChimp list by moving them into a specific group in Google Contacts.



    Works great and automatically. Google Contacts to Mailchimp and Slack.



    Our company uses Zapier to add potential customers from our MailChimp email campaign to our internal Direct Mail campaigns. It's fast and responsive, works great!

    Kozmetika OXi


    Works perfect! Mailchimp Zapier integration puts my productivity to next level!

    Adi at Convflow


    We used Mailchimp - Mandrill integration using Zapier to send out emails for access to a demo account on a per subscriber basis, prior to launching the product (an enterprise communication/survey tool). When a user signs up for the demo, Zapier sends out (via Mandrill) the demo access details to this user. Yet to try - tracking opens/clicks and other activity back in Mailchimp.

    Zapier works really well!



    I have a food delivery company, and we use Zapier to connect people who order from us (via Cognito Forms) to then add them to our mailing list in Mailchimp. It works amazingly well. Zapier is a game changer, and I love it!



    I use Zapier to sync AgileCRM with Mailchimp. It works great! Zapier is an integral part of our marketing automation.



    Works great! I'm using Zapier to sync updates between Mailchimp lists and to sync web leads to Mailchimp. Saves me hours of work each week.



    The integration works great as it is totally automated. All I do is check my list in Mailchimp every now and then.



    This integration works like a charm! -- Set it and forget it -- I wish more things in life were this smooth!



    This integration works great, used everyday. We link customer emails from Formstack form submissions to MailChimp and then use MailChimp's automation to send a welcome email.



    Awesome integration!



    Works great! The Zapier integration allows us to sync new contacts/leads from Zoho CRM (who opt-in, of course) to our MailChimp lists. I used to have to do this manually using CSV export/import.



    With Zapier it's a breeze to connect disparate applications- Our data is captured using Google forms which automatically adds an new row to a Google Sheet. Then the Zapier magic happens. Each new row in the spreadsheet kicks off several tasks (Zaps) which add the clients email address to our mailing list, creates a posts on our Wordpress site, writes data to MySQL database tables, creates events in our Google Calendar and sends SMS message with Twilio when all is complete.

    I can't believe I waited so long to try it out.



    We used this for automatically moving new Highrise contacts to specific mailing lists within Mailchimp - it is really easy to setup and an amazing time-saver!

    The way we set it up was through establishing several "tags" for our Highrise contacts and, depending on the tags associated to a contact, Zapier would Zap! the contact information to the corresponding mailing list we created within Mailchimp. Very useful!

    The possibilities with this tool are endless. Highly recommended.



    Automatically Taking our a new submission from our Typeform on our website, adding it to our Mailchimp list, and sending slack notification.



    I was just introduced to Zapier through my web database company (Caspio). The product has streamlined the automation of emails between my cloud database (Caspio) and my email marketing application (MailChimp). I couldn't be happier with this fantastic tool. Thank you Zapier!



    We use Zapier + Mailchimp and Zapier + our CRM to automate our sales and marketing funnel. As people fill out forms on our website, Zapier adds them to specific segments of our lists, and as their status changes in our CRM, we move them to new segments. It's a super cool way to automate our marketing!



    This integration has been great! Saves me tons of time when someone opts-in for my lead magnet and then I want to add them to my primary email list.



    I absolutely love zappier. Makes life so much better and will save you tons of time.

    Elodie Bouneau


    We have been using Zapier for 6 months now and have been handling thousands of subscribers successfully. Thanks to Zapier, we managed to create a bespoke CRM system while saving hundreds in development budget. Also, shout out to the customer support that's always ready to help !! Lots of love for Zapier in our company.



    We use this integration to connect forms and CRMs to automatically triggered mail lists, it works like a charm everytime and helps our customers look even more professional than they are! We love zapier!



    We used Zapier to pass new contacts from Active Campaign. Allows us to pass new subscriber data from our web site meeting our requirements. Great!



    We use Zapier to connect a Google Form/Sheet to MailChimp. Works like a charm!



    We use Zapier to Mailchimp for quantity of integrations. Google Forms are linked to Mailchimp through Zapier, Eventbrite is linked to Mailchimp through Zapier. Zapier is really helpful to integrate various services together pretty smoothly.

    Mailchimp should however communicate "hidden fields" with Zapier (such as Language) to make it perfect

    Mike Trewhella


    I use Google sheets to Google contacts update and Google Sheets to Mailchimp update. Tip: Both work very well BUT you must remember to manually run Zapier if you delete a row in the relevant sheets. I think Zapier is a great tool and I'm sure I wil;l find lots of other uses for it in time. Thanks Zapier

    Alex van Ginneken


    Just love this integration! Saves us and our clients so much time! I used the MailChimp - GoToWebinar Zapier. Great!



    We have used Zapier to connect our MailChimp data to transactional email campaigns running in Mandrill.

    Zapier was a great way to have these two services talk to each other, and automatically process requests along the way.

    When my "Zaps" are running, I know that my digital strategy is working.



    We use this to let our customers know we have processed their order. We have a follow up email to ask how our product is doing. We have had rather good success with the follow up emails. The customers let us know that we are doing a good job and how much they like our service. We had one that was really upset with the emails. All in all it seems to be working out really well.



    LOVE zapier. Such an awesome product. I use it to alert me when I get a new subscribe through the API, and ask people to sign up for the list when they buy a product. SO cool

    Acuario Pro


    Excellent integration!, Personally I used to post a notification on Google Calendar each time I send and email, in that way I can keep an automate track of our emails.




    Zapier has been awesome linking my Streak CRM to mail chimp work flow. It's so nice to set it and watch your imports happen painlessly. Haven't had a single problem. Zapier's filters have also been awesome, if I know a client isn't interested in my services, I place them my designated "Not Interested" stage and Zapier leaves that person alone! Perfection!



    It was flawless. The processing time is almost non existent and it was very simple to set up. I love it.



    As a small, young law firm, we're constantly looking for ways to innovate and refine our internal processes.

    Zapier has allowed us to automate the addition of new contacts into our Mailchimp lists. And it works beautifully!



    I use this integration for adding new subscribers from PlanSo forms, and add contacts to Pipedrive from new subscribers, and it just works awesomely!



    I use this to add users from our website to our email list and it works great. Thank you.



    We use Zapier to connect our web forms to our MC account, so that we can segment our automation workflow based on form data. It's very convenient and easy to setup. And it's also inexpensive. Definitely worth it.



    We use this to push a text when a new subscriber is added. It works amazing and has freed up some our team to multiply their time!



    Super easy and seamless way to help build your MailChimp marketing list.



    I use the Zapier Mailchimp integration to send a welcome email via Mandrill each time a new user registers. It works very seamlessly to give each new registered user a quick read of some of my favorite posts.

    I highly recommend Zapier to anyone using Mailchimp!

    Pat Bastian


    These are two on-going Zapier integrations between Knack and MailChimp for my non-profit agency. (1) When we enter a new donor into our donor database, they are registered in MailChimp to receive our newsletter. (2) When a new volunteer joins our staff (and is entered into our membership database) they are also enrolled in Mailchimp.

    This is a huge improvement over prior methods where people often fell between the cracks. Thank you, Zapier!



    Perfect integration for my LMS.

    I use Wordpress with Learndash to sell online courses. Now, when my students register in the courses automatically they are register in MailChimp list separated by course. Work very well! Thanks for this great integration!



    Just fantastic. Such a time saver. And works. Couldn't ask for more.



    Zapier, just lovely! It's perfect that I can add members to different lists once they do certain actions and unsubscribe them from certain lists when performing other actions. Saves a lot of time, energy and effort :)



    As a marketer there are so many little jobs that slow you down. Being able to use Zapier with Mailchimp removed a lot of those little annoyances and gave me time to focus on the right stuff, such as creating awesome content, and printing off freddie finger puppets.



    I used zapier to add subscribers from Surveymonkey to Mailchimp, and works great!!



    Zapier got my Gumtree stuff shoved into my MailChimp stuff with no hassle at all. One thing talked with the other thing and Zapier did the translation. One less thing to worry about. Brilliant.



    Zapier+mailchimp is just brilliant. It takes my contacts from whatever source I have (a simple google sheet, google contacts, any other thing that has contacts) and push it into mailchimp. It's monkey magic!



    One of the best connection and automation system available. Great way to connect forms or other tasks to your mailchimp account!



    Works like a charm. That's always the case with Zapier!



    Just started using to connect Mailchimp to CapsuleCRM to track subscribers. Also looking at Wordpress integrations to sync site members with list subscribers. Works great - so easy!



    Love using Zapier, makes my life much easier. I link different forms, including Leadpages, to Mailchimp and it works perfectly. Keep up the good work !



    Uso Zapier para ahorrar tiempo en la elaboración de Bases de Datos con Typeform. Realmente me es muy útil y no he tenido fallas. Me gusta que Zapier pueda enlazar diferentes Apps por que permite crear una funcionalidad hecha a nuestras necesidades (:



    I've been using the Zapier+MC integration to automatically add new subscribers to a subset of my list when they signup through the hosted MC form, and it works like a charm!

    Saves me from having to manually review and update new subscribers.

    Thanks for this integration guys! :) Parin



    Zapier + MailChimp = Unstoppable.

    Use any of the Zaps to connect your company's CRM system (we connect to Podio) with MailChimp and you'll instantly have the ABSOLUTE EASIEST way to get everyone in your company adding their contacts to your MailChimp list(s).

    It's too freaking simple. Anyone (logged into our CRM system) can find the "MailChimp" zap button. Click it. Add email addresses at will, and presto: they automatically end up in our MailChimp database. PROBLEM SOLVED.

    Our list has tripled in less than one week, and the dreaded adding-emails-to-MailChimp-manually bottleneck has completely disappeared. Love it.



    I've created Zaps to connect Mailchimp to a few other apps and it's saved me a ton of time with automation. Most recently I set up Zaps to tweet when a particular newsletter goes out allowing me to automate thanking our sponsors.

    -- ZapAddict

    Sinan Kurmus


    I used zapier to integrate some google forms data and mailchimp. As well as doing some criteria based list duplication in mailchimp itself.

    It worked well most of the time. Two minor problems were when I deleted lines from the forms data and when a user was already in a mailchimp list and I tried to add them again. These were minor so I didn't even try to find a fix.



    Awesome integration for adding emails to certain lists, and even better for adding info into custom merge fields. Possibilities are really endless and you can get very personalized with the automation workflows as a result.



    I use Zapier to link new contacts in high-rise to my different subscription list in mail chimp. It saves me a lot of time!



    We use Thrive Leads for our opt in forms to build our lead generation lists and these integrate perfectly with MailChimp via API. We then use Zapier to import our new contacts into our CRM (Solve 360) and it works perfectly every time. It's a great integration!



    We use Zapier to pull emails from a submission form google spreadsheet and add them her to mailchimp. We've seen excellent growth thanks to this integration and couldn't be happier. I used to use that other service (like zapier, sounds like "sift men hen hat") but they didn't have enough integrations for what we need, some really key ones here with Zapier.


    I'll keep this review simple, as that is what Zapier is; Simple! It does what it says on the tin, set up is easy and then runs in the background unobtrusively. Chris.



    Love Zapier! I'm currently using it to add people who bought my book through Gumroad to a Mailchimp list so that I can send them follow-up emails as they work through the book. Super easy to set up and works like a charm.



    Easy and powerful integration lets you connect your Typeform anwers with Mailchimp subscriber's list



    Setup this integration for an event pre-registration system. Easy setup and makes our lives a lot easier.



    MailChimp list/contacts to CRM and back... Working GREAT, every time...

    Zapier made my life easier and less stressful from any previous transfer of data between applications and communication with developers how, when and where to transfer them...

    Love it...



    We use this integration to add new members of our non-profit to MailChimp when we put them in our CRM (Insightly). When I was shopping for CRMs it was very important to me to have as much automation as possible, since we have such a small staff. Since Mailchimp and Zapier are both free services and Insightly is probably the best budget CRM out there, we save $100s over a fancier CRM like Salesforce.



    I use machform on my site, which doesn't have a connection to mailchimp (or anything else). I use Zapier's email parser to use my notification email to add form submitters to mailchimp.



    I use Zapier to add new subscribers to my lists via Wufoo. I couldn't be easier!



    Works like a charm - every single time!



    I use Gumroad to sell a self-study program that includes email prompts; the Zapier integration funnels all new buyers to a private email list so they receive the prompts. No fuss, no muss – as others have said, it just works. Which is about the highest praise you can give to an app like this one. Thanks, Zapier!



    I used Zapier to link my Google sheet to MailChimp. Now, all new subscribers get automatically updated to any list I choose.

    Zapier saves lives..



    We used Zapier to add new users to our MailChimp lists into a google sheet. This helps us track user growth and maintain a centralized database of subscribers from various sources.

    The integration was easy to set up and requires no maintenance. The 15-minute zap frequency ensures that the database is up to date. Totally recommend it!

    Aditya Mehta

    Dave Bayless


    When somebody subscribes to our MailChimp list, I use Zapier to automate the process of creating a contact record and tags in Highrise. Slick.



    I used Zapier to sync lists with Quickbase. It was really easy to set up and it's changed the way I manage my lists in a way that saves me a bunch of time. I would definitely recommend!



    We started using this integration to automatically add new members to our mailing list. We also connected this account with Trello. It is working really well, it is easy to use and to set up and saved us a lot of time by automating a lot of tasks we were doing manually previously.



    Great software, helps improve our efficiency and makes sure things don't fall through the cracks. Everyone gets imported into Mailchimp.

    SpotOn Parking


    We have integrated MailChimp with Twilio using Zapier. Right now we haven't engineered back end notification mail. So we use MailChimp to send event notification email. In conjunction with those, we use Twilio to send a text to those users that receive emails informing them of the events (MC list specific). It's been incredibly helpful until we build up our backend to make sure our users are receiving important information!



    Works great. I use Zapier to connect several lists with various services. No issues whatsoever and easy to setup.



    I find Zappier Integration with Mailchimp a must. It works really well and saves me many hours of work. It is all automatic. Great job Guys. Rafael Franco Rio de janeiro Brazil



    Zapier is one of the most useful online tools we've come across. We use it to connect different online forms with mailchimp (among other apps) and so far we've been extremely impressed with their reliability and the user-friendliness of the platform.

    Francois Mathieu


    I highly recommend Zapier to integrate MailChimp with other apps and automate all your tasks.

    Annabel Kaye Irenicon


    I used zaps to make new subscribers to my mailchimp list appear in my CRM system (and tagg what list they signed up to).

    Took a while to figure out how to make any zap work - but as soon as I got the first one working I was off - with many more to create.

    this gives me functionality at a fraction of the cost of bigger systems and lets all my nimble simple systems do what i need.

    Will be exploring a lot more of what zap can do for me now I have got the hang of it...



    Integration was perfect.



    We use this integration to automatically subscriber (opt in) visitors to our site who complete a contact form - works a treat!



    Zapier is my go to application to assist with creating automations and efficient workflows. I would recommend every time all the time.

    A Streak User


    I tried to use it to pull information from Streak CRM into Zapier but I didn't work very well.

    First a trigger is missing that reacts to updates on a Streak box, like stage change etc. Then most of the field data can't be extracted, only blanks appear in MailChimp, data formatting is off...

    I surrendered in the end.



    I had tried to get email addresses automatically added to my MailChimp list numerous times with Gravity Forms, WordPress and the MailChimp plugin but nothing ever worked and I got no feedback from my site telling me where the error was. With Zapier, I had the integration up and running in no time. Plus I was able to test my integration and tweak it before making it live, so I knew exactly what I was getting.



    We use Mailchimp for our newsletter and beta signups coming from our Wordpress website, using Zapier to integrate it with Zendesk. We do that to already know all of our users when they reach out to us. It works like a charm.



    We use Zapier + Mailchimp daily. It has been integral to our business, from porting data from online typeforms into Mailchimp lists, to adding email addresses with certain subject lines attached to subscriber lists, to auto-following on Twitter when we get a new subscriber... the list is endless, and we've been adding more integration as fast as we can think of them. It's a must-have integration!

    Jin Hoe


    Now I do not need to manually add new email address to MailChimp list! Save me a lot of time. Thank you Zapier, keep up the great work!



    We use Zapier to connect Gumroad and MailChimp for an email subscription product. When someone purchases through Gumroad, Zapier adds them to our MailChimp list, which kicks off an automated sequence of emails delivering the paid-for content.

    Works seamlessly!



    This integration is... perfect. Zapier has done a great job. When I receive a new subscriber in my autoresponder list, I copy it instantly in my general list. Thus, I can welcome email in each autoresponder, but have them in a general list anyway, but with its procedence well saved into a field.



    Important: Zapier "delaying zaps" ( option for performing different tasks. It didn't work for me to connect one action to several simultaneous services, ej. PayPal (transaction) to Mailchimp (new record), plus email (send a note), etc. It was perfect delaying (4, 6 and 8 minutes) the three "simultanous" tasks I planned to be run at the same time.



    I have a spreadsheet dump of SUMOME that I need to import every few days.

    Since there is no integration with MC, I simply upload the CSV export from SUMOME into a Google Doc (Sheets) and the ZAP pushes the changes to MC.

    Real simple.



    Good work zappier!



    I use Zapier to add customers from my Gumroad sales to my MailChimp email list. It works great and was very easy to setup. This is a fairly new business for me so the volume is still low. What I like about both MailChimp and Zapier is they are free until you get to a certain size.



    I use Zapier to add new subscribers to Mailchimp lists from new entries that are added on a weekly basis to a google form. It saves me time and helps me avoid the mundane, repetitive, tedious steps that can easily be automated via Zapier. Works great!



    I use zapier to import contact details as clients make Theatre Breaks bookings. Quick and easy to set up and great support!

    Dave Shimoda


    Love Zapier and MailChimp, so was really excited to see this integration. I use this integration with multiple projects, but especially with Gumroad. Thanks!



    We used that integration to update our Mail List when new contacts are created within Outlook / Office 365. It does perfectly work. As usual with all our Zapier triggers :-)



    We ran two separate Typeform contests which generated over 6,800+ entries. I used this Zapier integration to subscribe the entrants to our newsletter. It's so simple to setup and saved me so much time!



    Amazing, allows us to put emails into lists to drip feed them offers, we've set it up so then by marking them as VIP stops the drip should they go with an offer.

    It also places them into Smartsheet so we can track where they are.

    I am currently looking at adding the ability to unsubscribe emails from one list and subscribe them to another at a click of a button in Smartsheet so that all of the work can be done through this insteard.



    I use the Zapier integration to move users from one list to another. This allows me to ensure that they do not continue to get marketing messages for a product they have already purchased.

    It's great!



    I manage the graphic design and marketing efforts for one of my clients, and I've begun using Zapier to automate some import/export functions that I had previously done manually. We use Zapier to connect MailChimp with our Eventbrite pages, to keep our database as current as possible. Once each event is setup, I simply create a Zap for it, and the contacts are automagically pulled from the Event page and added to our designated Mailchimp List. Additionally, the Zap actually pulls more data over than the native Eventbrite plugin. Now that we use Zapier, we're able to more effectively remarket to our customers (and reduce unsubscribes due to irrelevant content). Great product! Now I can't wait to see what else I can connect via Zap!

    The only issue I've noticed is there's something weird happening with the connection to the Eventbrite API — it's limiting the number of requests Zapier can make, and if the API thinks we've exceeded our limit, our Zap doesn't function. I've contacted the support team at Eventbrite to see what's going on there. Not an issue with the Zapier functionality, but it was worth a mention.



    This integration is amazing! Since MailChimp was only allowing me to use one signup list widget on my website, Zapier has helped me automate email signups from my website using their email parser.... it's AMAZING. Now I can have 3 (or more) different types of sign-ups all automated to MailChimp which then automates emails out to my new subscribers. Flawless.

    I've also used Zapier to automate new lines on google docs to create new subscribers in MailChimp. It allows me to import large groups to MailChimp in an automated way and skips annoyance of manually matching up all my columns.

    Zapier is AWESOME. The end.



    I use Zapier to automatically subscribe clients to my MailChimp list when they book an appointment online in I use to do this task by hand every evening but now I don't even think about it. The process is automatic and efficient. Love it!



    I use Zapier to update subscribers in my Mailchimp list based on changes made to a Google Spreadsheet rows. Aside from some hiccups where the Google Docs account connection breaks occasionally, this integration works great. It was easy to set up and it's easy to maintain. Plus, it seems like they are constantly improving things, so I imagine it will keep getting better with time.



    I use it to connect my LinkedIn account to MailChimp for automatic posting of my weekly blog to LinkedIn. Works great and I look forward to finding other ways to make it work with others apps, too.



    Zapier's integration for mailchimp guarantees that everyone I'm sending an email too is added to my MailChimp account.

    Now all our prospects and clients receive our weekly newsletter, and based on the increase in website and app design inquiries is getting, that's a good thing... :)




    Just love this integration! Saves us and our clients so much time! We use it with Freshbooks, Batchbook, Google Contacts and WooCommerce, works great.



    I am running webinars with paid courses and offerings (MailChimp to MailChimp). Zapier helps me take subscribers off the webinar lists after they purchase a product that I have another list associated with. This prevents sending out duplicate emails and paying double for people on more than one list. I love how easy it is to setup. I can't wait to use it for other applications.

    Daniel Fosco


    Great way to connect FormKeep to Mailchimp!

    Wish the webhook would trigger subscriber welcome emails like normal signups do, though — had to connect Mandrill as well to have those working.



    Zapier is really awesome, I've integrated Sniply subscription form with Mailchimp in a flash!



    Used Zapier to auto add customers to a mailing list. I auto add using a Gmail + Mailchimp Zap. This saves me time from logging into Mailchimp to add an email address. I'm pretty happy with Zapier and have other zaps that I use frequently.



    Awesome. Mailchimp into Zoho - fully automated CRM system.



    We use zapier to connect mailchimp with intercom, to automatically update our subscribers list with new intercom users. So far so good, and it saved us from a manual task!






    Zapier has been great for automatic contact import! They're constantly hosting webinars to find more ways to use Zapier, which has been very helpful. Love that I have one more task that I can set up and not have to worry about anymore.



    I use this integration to create a MailChimp subscription each time we add a contact to our CRM that comes from a web signup form. I use a trigger on new CRM contact to add that contact to our notification list. It works great.



    I use Zapier to automatically backup my MailChimp Lists to 3rd party location :) As they say the money is in the list!



    I've had some fantastic results linking several apps together using mailchimp and Zapier. I Highly recommend looking into the vast array of integrations you can create with Zapier.

    Ricardo Vieira


    Fantastic APP!

    Works seamlessly, very intuitive, simple to use, configure and manage.

    Highly recommended.



    Hi all. We have Pipedrive CRM and Mailchimp. Pipedrive is now actively developing CRM service, and judging by the specific button "Mailchimp", they mean to carry out email distribution via this service. But still, this mechanism does not seem to be too smooth (when selecting required addresses and pressing the "Mailchimp", Mailchimp simply creates a separate list of addresses. Each new delivery = new list. So we decided to realize our email distribution just from Mailchimp. But we add new contacts in Pipedrive. Zapier mediates, and it also failed to adjust smoothly to 100% for the transfer of contacts: in Mailchimp we have advanced system of groups. In direct import Zapier takes the value from the group in its Pipedrive format (just 1,2,3 ...). Mailchimp does not understand it. We decided to break this step also into 2 stages: first, Zapier transfers contact to Google Doc, there it automatically renames the group values of contacts, and then import into Mailchimp into the general list. (maybe it is useful: Mailchimp receives data about the group in the format "Group_name-> grоup_name1."

    something like this ...

    Artur Ziolkowski


    I use Zapier to sync some of my lists in MailChimp with Google Contacts. This way, when someone subscribes and leaves a phone number in the form, I can identify him on my phone as well, before I answer it and give a personal greeting. Very important, when You are building a list of high quality leads.

    David from


    Simply love it for its simplicity, smoothness and the time it saves in my job. Thanks a bunch for this great integration.



    I use Zapier + Mailchimp to make quick survey for our subscribers. So thanks about that to the services!



    I use Zapier to link together Streak (my CRM system) and MailChimp. Whenever someone contacts me through my website or other means, I add them to my CRM. When they reach a certain stage in CRM, they get auto-added to my newsletter. This saves me the mundane work of having to get this info into multiple systems which is always helpful.



    Used Zapier to grab information from a text file on the internet and upload it as contacts in Mailchimp. Works perfect, only problem for us was the cost of Zapier.



    I have people complete an application form which goes into a Google Doc. When a line is added to the Google Doc I'm using Zapier to add that person to my Mailchimp listing.



    Looks like working great. Not so simple to set up this connection, but after reading the help I done this. Created connection is big help for contact's import to Mailchimp. I am using Upvise CRM and now doesn't exist any direct connection between. So I must export contact's email list from Upvise (like .csv file) then open it in Excel and then copy it to Google Docs spreadsheet. In this spreadsheet I can open more lists with different email's. And then use copied Zapier connections for different list in Mailchimp. Build up direct connection between Upvise and Mailchimp would be very useful.

    David Johnson


    I use Zapier to connect my CRM (X2CRM), through their API to MailChimp. Now, when a contact is tagged in my CRM they are also added to a specific list in Mailchimp. Couldn't be any easier!



    Using this integration combined with the MySQL integration on Zapier I was able to completely automate new user welcome messages. It was painless and works great.

    Jennifer from BlogPress


    We use this integration to move customers to different lists based on their order status so that we can send them customized email campaigns. It works beautifully! (and sooo easy to set up :))



    1) I built an integration to bring contact information from specific Google groups directly into MailChimp lists. This will run perpetually.

    2) I used Zapier to bring contacts from FreshDesk into MailChimp lists.

    Easy, Awesome & reliable with all the right options



    Automatically sends new Nutshell contacts to Mailchimp list!! Makes things so much easier!!!



    I use Zapier to integrate Highrise with Mailchimp - sending customers with a specific tag to a certain mail list. After some fumbling (apparently it only works if you add contacts in Highrise and not companies) it works perfectly. Would like to see though some integration that automates mail lists > e.g. moving email addresses between lists based on changing tags in Highrise. Keep up the good job!



    I used Zapier to integrate Mailchimp and Capsule CRM, so that every time a person joins a list, a task is added to Capsule. It's fantastic.



    I use it to collect lead information via formstack. Formstack natively integrates with mailchimp but only allows me to add contacts to a single list. I use zapier to conditionally add leads to a secondary list as well based on the information that they enter.



    We've had great success with Zapier connecting Formidable Forms data to Mailchimp and Google Apps (contacts, tasks, calendar, etc). As a result Zapier saves us from having to use a CRM system (beyond Google Apps) to automate follow up with prospects. LOVE it!




    We use Zapier for most our integrations. A main integration is ensuring anyone who receives an estimate or buys from us through Harvest (also awesome by the way), their contact information gets into MailChimp for our VIP newsletter. Works like a charm! The guys at Zapier have built something special to be sure.



    I have used this seamlessly with Zapier. I move my contacts from MailChimp to ZohoCRM via a Zap. Works fantastically! The guys at Zapier provide amazing support. Love it!



    I'm using Zapier to add a new subscriber on a Mailchimp List to a row in a Google Doc worksheet. They seem to be playing well together!



    zapier helped me to create a mailing list with all the people who signed up for an event. People signed up in a google docs form, and zapier did the rest!



    If you don't have an automatic hookup between your own database (or something like Eventbrite) and Mailchimp this is huge time-saver (vs uploading manually). Highly recommended!



    Zapier is amazing! Works very well and it saves you time. Totally recommend.



    High fives! Connected Highrise to Mailchimp. Works smoothly. You make my work easier.



    Zapier works like a charm to input data into Google Spreadsheets.

    Chris B


    A big time saver...thanks!



    Works just perfectly!

    I'm doing 2 things: - Adding guys who requested support to appropriate list for some marketing - Removing them from the list when they become customers

    Matt M


    Pre-Zapier, this feature was far down the list in the engineering backlog. Now I don't even need to pay engineers at all.

    So simple, so powerful, so east––and best of all, it just works!

    Call me a Zapier convert.

    Keith Streckenbach


    I was struggling daily with downloading registration excel spreadsheet from Gotowebinar (for multiple campaigns), manually copy-n-pasting into mailchimp. Then I discovered Zapier! I've been singing praises to whoever will listen since. My best estimate is that Zapier saves me 1.5 hours of manual labor daily - which I've redirected to providing better content to my audience and making sales!

    Lee Stanley


    Zapier to mailchimp connections was exactly what I had been looking for. It has saved me over 15 hours of data entry over the last week alone.

    Zapier is a fantastic app that enables you to save time whilst connecting with programs that previously be able to connect.

    Thumbs up Zapier!

    Ales Pospisil


    I found it very easy to set up all necessary connections and execute what was my goal. Thanks.

    Jo Dodds


    Great functionality. No longer do we have a customer database in Highrise and a mailing list in Mailchimp that don't match!

    Great service, thanks.



    It's so easy to use. Now I can integrate everything with mailchimp

    Victoria Armstrong


    I am so thrilled to have discovered Zapier. The MailChip integration has been fantastic, adding new clients who choose to sign up to my newsletter onto my list automatically, and then notifying me if anyone unsubscribes. I have a large number of Zaps automating a whole range of my tasks which previously took me most of my weekend to complete.

    Thanks to Zapier, I feel more aware of my CMR touchpoints, am confident that my clients are being well served, am fully in 'control' of my information streams, yet I get my free time back.

    Thank you

    Jon B.


    Using Zapier/Mailchimp/Gravity Forms on a Wordpress/PAgelines website. All work astonishingly well. Kudos.


    Ive been using Zapier to backup to Evernote new subscribers to my mailing list. It works great and this way I have my mailing list contacts at all times and for all time.

    Learn more about my Monthly Art Newsletter at



    Zapier has been a lifesaver to integrate all our different systems, including MailChimp.

    Wenzel Massag


    This is awesome! A life saver for me! And it works flawlessly!

    Alex Webster


    Zapier is ridiculously simple to set up and yet enormously powerful, allowing us to integrate Mailchimp into all corners of our business.

    Support and assistance (should you ever actually need it) was swift, decisive and personal.

    I commend the Zapier team and highly recommend this service.



    Found it very simple to set up and run a Google Forms to Mailchimp integration. Works perfectly, exactly how we wanted. Thanks guys.



    This was so easy. Everytime we have a Stripe customer we add them to out mailing list via Zapier. Set it up once and haven't had to change anything since. Couldn't be happier.

    Ro Man


    Easy to setup. Work gets done automatically. What else do you need?



    This was so simple, so easy, and so affordable. I used to to subscribe people who were paying for a subscription to my newsletter (a service MC discontinued) via paypal. I also use Zapier to remove new subscribers to one list from my old list, keeping my MC subscribers from repeating on multiple lists. Zapier was a great way to accomplish something that everyone was telling me had to be complicated, multi-layered, and expensive (if not impossible). Zapier is a great place to get all your web glitches worked out, and Mailchimp is as friendly as ever. Happy customer on all fronts.



    MailChimp + Zapier = Data Integration Heaven. That simple.

    Ryan Kulp


    MailChimp has limitations in its ability to notify us of new users, particularly when we collect subscribers via the API key and not the built-in subscription form.

    Using Zapier has helped fill the void in the timeliness of responding to our customers.

    Thanks guys!



    We use it to connect mailchimp to asana and love it

    Scott Hopkins


    I used Zapier to get subscribers into Mailchimp from a joomla extension. Really useful. I used the joomla extensions "new subscriber" admin alert email, with data variables in the body of the email. This is sent to Zapier to pass the data to mailchimp.

    Amazing service... no programming required !



    Very easy to setup and I've had no issues so far. Other services have failed us in the past, but not Zapier.



    I am not a programmer, just a html begineer, but it is enough to get the maximun with zapier. Great job!

    Johan Holmberg


    Zapier is an incredible service that saves us a lot of time. We use it mainly as a connection between our Base CRM and MailChimp accounts and everything works perfectly. Setup is very easy and the support staff is great. Highly recommended!



    This is awesome, it just works. Works well, works easily.

    Jason Rosenfeld


    We run a deal wire on our site. Now, when somebody signs up using the mailchimp, they receive their introductory deal within 15 minutes of signing up.



    Setup was very easy, and the integration works perfectly. Thanks!!!

    Leigh - Active School Apps


    So easy to set up and no api messing around. It was very intuitive and reliable. There were no delays and data flowed through accurately from the first one. Thanks!

    Emily D


    Was easy to set up and very reliable. I get error messages if there are edge cases so I know nothing is getting lost. Thanks Zapier :)

    Julie Gaynin


    Zapier has been a helpful integration tool. Their support staff has also been great and provided one-on-one support training.



    Zapier is intuitive and extremely useful

    bob Joseph


    Since I learned about Zapier, I've started to change apps and how I do business. It helps so many apps integrate with other apps. In the past I lost big money hiring a programer to try to get one app talking to another. The developer never did get it to work but it still cost big cash. Bad mistake but you live and learn. I wish I knew about zapier and all these integrations before I spent the money.

    I use zapier to get constant contact, mail chimp, and zoho to talk to each other. In the future I'll use it for my new shopping cart(the one I have now won't do the connection) and for webinars.

    Thanks Zapier!

    Laurel Miltner


    We use HubSpot (HS) to manage our agency's inbound marketing campaign (and the majority of our clients').

    For some time, we've had an opt-in field in HS lead forms for folks to subscribe to our blog by email. For some time, I've been manually copying those emails and pasting them into our MailChimp (MC) list.

    The other day, we set up a Zap to connect a smart list of blog opt-ins in HS to auto-update our list in MC. It took about one minute, and is saving me so much time moving forward.

    Works great. A+

    Paul B


    I use Zapier to automate email marketing when I publish new blog posts, and to automatically unsubcribe people from our MailChimp lists based on certain actions. Zapier works flawlessly, I would recommend it for sure. MailChimp occasionally gives me trouble, but the problems tend to be known bugs that MailChimp hasn't gotten around to fixing yet.



    i had this up and running within minutes. This was incredibly easy. You guys really have your hands on something fantastic.

    Jason Berman


    Using Zapier to update a MailChimp list from EventBrite. Everytime we get new registrants, they automagically get added to our event distribution list. It's like Yahoo Pipes but it works and you don't need an engineering degree to figure out the setup. ~ JB



    Wonderful option for keeping your mailchimp list updated with contacts from various sources. Great if you have people registering in various ways.

    Great functionality and wonderful feature. Also great to use the Mandril integration as well for transactional emails.

    Peter Laughton


    We had tasked a programmer to use the MailChimp API to integrate our own SQL-based registration databased with MailChimp and then I discovered Zapier.

    We integrated the two in minutes, saving a fortune in programmers time.

    It was easy and simple. Highly recommended.

    Edwin Frondozo


    I used Zapier to quickly integrate our Slingshot voip beta signup page to automatically add to our AutoResponder lists in MailChimp.

    David Pappas


    I manage an annual event where customers register via e-mail. Zapier provides a simple way to transition the new customers in to MailChimp so I can provide follow up communications leading up to the event.

    Shawn Burns


    I use Zapier as an intergal way for Eventbrite to communicate with Mailchimp when registrations occur. This integration has saved me a ton of time and headaches! Definitely highly recommend this plugin!

    CorCordis Records


    The Zapier/Mandrill/MailChimp connection makes it super easy to send out greetings to my new subscribers.

    Also serves as a confirmation that everything runs fine.



    I use Zapier to automatically add users to my MailChimp list when they sign up for a premium content area on my site. Before, I was having to add them all by hand to the MailChimp list - ugh. This saves me hours of time and it's pretty amazing how smoothly it works.

    Marni Melrose


    We use Zapier to notify our CRM in Podio when a subscriber unsubscribes. We also use it to Tweet the fact that we have a new subscriber, driving more traffic to our business.



    I use Zapier to link different forms to my MailChimp lists + Trello boards. It's wonderfully simple to connect different services, including MailChimp. Zapier's pricing is also pretty sweet--for light use, it's free :) and the features keep getting better!