Automatically sync customer name and e-mail into MailChimp from ZingCheckout's Point of Sale after purchases or updates.

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    August 2014

This integration will sync a customer's name and e-mail from ZingCheckout to a MailChimp list of your choosing.

At first sync, as soon as you input your MailChimp API credentials, all the subscribers in your selected list will be imported into ZingCheckout as customers.

After that, anytime a new customer makes a purchase at the POS they will be added to your list. And anytime you update them in the customers section or with an order, the information will be updated in MailChimp too.

Now you will be able to easily:

  1. Market to your customers in MailChimp
  2. Keep your MailChimp subscriber data in sync with your ZingCheckout customer data.

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Customer name and e-mail from each order will be sync'd to a list.
You can also edit / add customer data later and it will sync automatically.


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