Zoho ContactManager

ContactManager allows you to send campaigns through simple interface,sync MailChimp lists and track campaign performance

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    October 2016

Zoho ContactManager integrates with MailChimp to make your email campaigns click with your contacts. Now, you don't have to switch tabs just to send a campaign, or to sync your contact lists.

Some of the key features and benefits are -

  1. Import and keep in sync your MailChimp lists and campaigns into Zoho ContactManager.

  2. Check detailed statistics for each of the campaigns you've sent and analyze campaign performance with your list average stats and industry average stats.

  3. See which are all the campaigns a particular contact has opened/clicked/ignored and also check out the contact's MailChimp rating. 

  4. Collaborate with your team on campaign drafts through Tasks and Notes. You can call out particular team members using “@membername” to get feedback from those individuals.

  5. Add contacts to an existing MailChimp list or create a new list right from your search results in ContactManager.

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Sending a MailChimp campaign from ContactManager
MailChimp member activity on your previous campaigns
Measure Campaign Performance with analytics.
Add contacts directly to an existing MailChimp list or to a new list right within Zoho ContactManager


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