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Marketing automation integration for your Zoho CRM sales folks and MailChimp marketing folks in minutes, not months!

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Zoho CRM sales folks can now see what their customers, leads, prospects or suspects are clicking on or opening in target marketing emails sent by the Marketing folks in MailChimp.

Need to Sync MailChimp Email Campaign metrics back to Zoho CRM Campaigns, Custom Modules or even Notes?

It's super simple, try selecting 1 of our 5 unique Campaign Response Sync Methods like creating a new Zoho CRM Campaign, sync to the original Zoho CRM Campaign, Campaign Response custom field, Custom Modules or even Notes.

Need to connect multiple Zoho CRM instances to one or Multiple MailChimp Accounts?

Sure, just use another Sync Profile, our term for integration of two apps, for it!

MailChimp Contact Rating seamlessly integrated back to CRM records with our point & press options.

Want to kick off a MailChimp Automation series to a key prospect or client from your website to CRM by just changing a field status in Zoho CRM?

No problem, just have Sales folks change the field status and SyncApps will sync it to your MailChimp list to kick off the Automation series.

Need to have MailChimp Subscribers update their information back to Zoho CRM? Done.

Want roll-up Marketing Metrics from MailChimp in Zoho CRM Reports? Sure, use our Sync Campaign Response to Custom Module feature, please go to the following URL to setup required modules and fields:


True marketing automation delivered.

*SyncApps Custom field mapping setup needed

Need integration CRM Notes?

Try our newest enhancement to sync back to Zoho CRM Notes all your marketing automation metrics.

Major Benefits:

Sync Zoho CRM contacts and leads to MailChimp master lists

Autocreate Static Segments into your MailChimp list from CRM

Sync Email Campaign metrics back to the original Zoho CRM Campaign

Opt-outs automatically synced from MailChimp to Zoho CRM

Update Zoho CRM from MailChimp contact update forms

Contact Rating synced back to Zoho CRM

Sync specific campaigns and campaign responses from MailChimp to CRM

Sync MailChimp Email Campaign metrics back to Zoho CRM Campaigns, Campaign Response custom field, Custom Modules or even Notes.

Custom field mapping between both systems

Trigger MailChimp Autoresponders from CRM field updates

Sync and map hard bounces to CRM custom field

Zoho CRM always takes higher precedence over MailChimp. Any contact or lead changes in Zoho CRM will always be synced to MailChimp

Contact or lead data is synced from MailChimp only if the email address doesn't exist in Zoho CRM at the time of syncing

Starting at only $19.99/month/company

*SyncApps work on all Zoho CRM Editions.


After you create your account, you get instant access to all Sync Profiles for 14 days & we don't require a credit card during the trial, so you get to try Cazoomi risk-free.

If you haven't upgraded yet within the 14 days trial, our Cazoomi team will send you an email reminder before your trial ends so you will still have some time to choose one of our three subscription plans. (Institutional discounts: 50% off all pricing plans)

*Institutions include education, government, and non-profit organizations; universities and colleges are also eligible to participate in the SyncApps discount programs.

When you choose the subscription plan that is right for you, your account will be instantly upgraded.

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    The support I received was excellent. When I had an issue, their support staff stuck to my problem and were very thorough in helping me get up and running again.

    Roman Lelek (romanlelek.cz)


    Cazoomi made a really good job, I have requested a new feature (sync Zoho Potentials) and they have implemented in next two days. Now it works as a charm. I went through several connectors between Zoho and MailChimp and this one is the most straightforward, quite easy to setup and having various advanced functions as well. We are using it for syncing Zoho CRM Contacts, Leads and Potentials directly to one big contact list. No problems so far, so good.



    export from lead



    Excellent product. I have been using the Cazoomi software to sync Mailchimp with Zoho over the past two years. Works like a champ! I have deployed this system over 4 times now and never had a person complaining.

    Great work guys!




    Cazoomi does what it promises, fast and straightforward!

    Zoho CRM campaigns converted in MC groups rocks!

    And it is very powerfull to refresh the CRM with the campaign result and the Mail Opt Out option.

    Well done, Cazoomi! Julian

    Erika Vavrovicova


    When we decided to sync our zoho crm to mailchimp we tried out a few companies offering this solution, but only Cazoomi was able to do the sync for us fastest, simplest and with a great customer support!

    Madhu Kris


    We too use it to sync Zoho and Mailchimp - liked what it did, will keep using it!

    John Tompkins


    We have been using Zoho's mass email function for years and finally needed to change to a more feature rich solution. Cazoomi has made syncing between both systems effortless and setting everything up was quick and easy. All in all a great product I wish I had implemented years ago.

    Aaron Fisher


    Cazoomi has helped our business immensely. With so many technologies necessary to achieve a good sales process its nice to have a product like Cazoomi to bridge different programs and make one central location for all your data.

    We chose Zoho for its pipeline management and affordability and Mailchimp as our email marketing software. The two technologies did "speak" without the Cazoomi service but we weren't able to get any of our really important stuff like Campaign responses and email opt outs.

    The Cazoomi service works like a breeze and totally enhances Zoho, we found a plan that only costs 10bucks a month. We also appreciated the fact that the Cazoomi team took the time to make sure our configuration was up and running properly.

    Software: 10 /10 Service: 10/10 Price: 10/10 Thanks guys Aaron Fisher