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Email marketing information for salespeople, using MailChimp for Zoho CRM.

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    June 2017

Follow up on your leads with ease - MailChimp extension for Zoho CRM. ​Watch the sample webinar to learn more

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Salespeople require input from all possible sources before heading into a potential negotiation. Chief among the sources is the E-mail marketing response. MailChimp integration for Zoho CRM syncs the E-mail campaigns' information directly into your Zoho CRM. Now deal with the E-mail marketing information with ease.


  1. AUTOMATIC DATA TRANSFER BETWEEN MailChimp AND ZOHO CRM- With the MailChimp Extension, cut down on time spent manually importing and exporting data between two platforms and let the integration with Zoho CRM automate the data transfer for you. The integration provides a two- way sync between the components, allowing for seamless data transfers every time.

  2. SCHEDULE YOUR SYNCS- You can sync details between MailChimp and Zoho CRM on a scheduled basis(daily and weekly), according to your needs.

  3. TARGETED MARKETING- You can prioritize your leads and send them personalized emails using field mapping.


● Map MailChimp Subscribers and Campaigns as Zoho CRM Contacts or Leads respectively, by syncing them with your MailChimp Lists.  ●Merge fields from your MailChimp account with fields present inside Zoho CRM.  ●MailChimp fields can be merged and mapped to a dedicated MailChimp module created inside Zoho CRM.

The chances of landing a deal are higher with customers who have responded favorably to email marketing campaigns. MailChimp for Zoho CRM lets salespeople prioritize their targets based on marketing information and helps them focus on hot leads that are most likely to turn into closed deals.

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