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Google Analytics

Automatically adds tracking tags and then displays results in MailChimp campaign reports

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Coupon Carrier

Distribute your unique codes to your subscribers.

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OpenCart MailChimp Integration Pro

Automatically pass newsletter information between OpenCart and MailChimp when customer accounts are created or edited.

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X-Cart for MailChimp

Integrates MailChimp with X-Cart - open source PHP eCommerce platform. Free lifetime license or powerful premium package FREE

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Marketing and Abandoned cart automation integration for your NetSuite sales and MailChimp marketing folks in real-time.

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3dcart for MailChimp (Official)

Keep your newsletter subscribers, customers and orders in sync. Supports MailChimp's e-commerce functionality.

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Subscribe customers to your MailChimp mail list at checkout & Bring their data into MailChimp to send targeted mails.

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Thumb 2782 2782 mailchimp windsorcircle rentention

Customer Retention Automation

Grow customer value by enabling and implementing data-driven, lifecycle marketing campaigns.

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Thumb 1289 1289 mailchimp integration directory logo volusion

MailChimp App for Volusion

Send customer & order details to MailChimp from your Volusion store - including ecommerce data & campaign tracking

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Magento eCommerce Integration

Connect Magento to MailChimp: Personalize and Automate 1:1 Messaging Based on Customer Behavior to Increase Repeat Sales

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Thumb 859 859 mailchimp windsorcircle shopify

Shopify eCommerce Integration

Connect Shopify to MailChimp: Personalize and Automate 1:1 Messaging Based on Customer Behavior to Increase Repeat Sales

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Glew Ecommerce Analytics

Glew helps you generate more revenue, cultivate loyal customers and optimize product strategy. FREE

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Chargebee Subscription and Recurring Billing

Automated Recurring Billing and Email Marketing for your Subscription Business. FREE

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40Nuggets for MailChimp

User-friendly intelligent popup windows that will get more opt-ins on your website. FREE

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Thumb 2777 2777 mailchimp windsorcircle netsuite

NetSuite Integration for MailChimp

Connect NetSuite to MailChimp, Personalize & Automate 1:1 Messaging from Customer Behavior to Increase Repeat Sales

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Segment - Send customer data to MailChimp

Easily send customer data to 150+ tools including MailChimp.

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